Pediatric solutions to asthma in children

Posted by sophiamilller on April 2nd, 2013

With the polluted environment we live in most of the time, in cities more than any other place, we are seeing asthma in children more and more frequently. Many children past 5 years old are developing this condition, which gives them trouble breathing. These children should regularly be taken to routine check ups and to receive treatment for asthma.

Children have a weak immune system, which will develop as they grow. When they’re very young, as babies, we often see fever in children, which is their body’s way of responding to different stimuli. However, if fever in children and other diseases, common at their age, are normal occurrences in their growth, building their immune system, asthma is a difficult condition, which can affect children up to their adulthood. There are various stimuli which trigger an asthma attack, and each child is different in that sense: one will respond to certain odors, perfumes, smells, while others to air, to intense physical exercise or simply after an emotional problem. It’s not easy seeing a child suffer from this condition, but with proper treatment, he or she can live a normal childhood.

Asthma in children can also be caused by keeping of pets, the development of mould or some viruses. No matter the cause that triggers an asthma attack, the response of the organism is pretty much the same: cells release certain chemical agents which make the airways contract and thus, make breathing difficult. In the treatment of asthma, certain chemicals are used to help the muscles relax and thus return the airways to normal function. Some children, which develop more severe conditions, need medicine daily to be able to live a normal life. The reasons why asthma in children occurs are not fully understood in medicine, but there a few factors which are particularly dangerous when it comes to developing asthma. Genetic heritage is one of the main factors, and children of parents who have asthma have high chances of also developing the disease.

In any case, children with asthma need proper pediatric care. Routine checkups are very important in assessing the evolution of this condition. Taking medicines is mandatory in this case, so you’ll have to visit the doctor’s office quite frequently; it’s in the benefit of your child. Also, if you’re living in an urban area, you should seriously consider moving to the suburbs, where the environment is not as polluted. It has been seen that, in general, more black children suffer from asthma than white children, and that more asthma cases are encountered in poorer families.

Treatment for asthma, as well for other diseases (some conditions may simply start with fever in children), should be followed from the first stages, as soon as you observe that your child can’t breathe well. You know what you have to do in that case: take your children to a good pediatric doctor whenever you see unusual symptoms. Even the natural fever in children can sometimes have more profound causes, and routine check ups can help prevent any health problems that your child might develop.

These pediatricians will help you understand why fever in children occurs, and will offer your child the proper treatment for cases of asthma in children.

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