The right biker gear makes the difference

Posted by SharonEvans on April 2nd, 2013

Being a biker is more about seeking adventure and freedom, enjoying camaraderie and trips. It's a lifestyle. And to enjoy all that, and resist the long roads, you need the right motorcycle gear. Yes, the truth is that bikers need protection too.

                People often associate bikers with dangerous, loud, rude guys, often gang members, which create problems everywhere they go. But this is more of an urban legend. Many bikers have a personal life, families and regular jobs.

                 Motorcycles offer much less protection than cars. They do not have safety belts, protective bumpers or roof. Therefore, the right biker gear can make the difference between life and death in certain situations. Perhaps the best example is the helmet. In case of a hard impact with a tree, with a pole, or with another vehicle, a good helmet can save your life. That's why in many countries and in many parts of the world wearing a helmet is mandatory. Make sure the material from which it is made is good and shock absorbent. Ventilation is also important, especially if you ride a lot through the city, under the hot sun. And during the summer, in bright light, you will probably need darker visors or sunglasses. But if you have a longer trip in mind, don't leave without a transparent visor or face shield. During the night, sunglasses or dark visors can lower the visibility and increase the risk of an accident. If you were involved in an accident, the helmet must be changed. As a result of the impact, the material can suffer fine cracks or other damage and in a second impact it would worsen the situation rather than protecting your head.

                Clothes are also important parts of motorcycle gear. Jackets, pants and chaps will protect the rider of heat, mud, moisture or small debris thrown from the tires of other vehicles. For rain and bad weather there are textile jackets and suits, which are breathable and waterproof. In this way you can make sure that rheumatism is just a disease that you've read about in magazines, not a personal problem.

                Gloves protect your hands from heat, windburns or cold. Summer gloves are usually made of thin leather and can be fingerless or designed with perforations for ventilation. Racing gloves can be manufactured from a variety of textile fibers, being armored and very comfortable. Winter gloves are much thicker as they are meant to keep your hands warm in cold weather. Usually they are waterproof, too. Gloves must be the right size. Since you will use constantly use your hands, unsuitable gloves will get in your way.

                Boots are another important piece of biker gear as they protect your toes and ankles during the trip. They will keep your feet safe of gravel, scratches or in case of an impact and they will also look good with the right pair of jeans or riding pants.

                Being a biker is also about the attitude and the personality. And a good way to express personality is wearing accessories. Motorcycle gear cannot be complete without the right jewelry or accessories. They will make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed. You will be amazed at how many heads will turn if you wear the proper mask or a cool bandana.

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