When you want to get lenses but you have problems with dry eyes, get contact len

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 2nd, 2013

Do you feel that the time has come for something to happen, you are anxious and feel you are going to explode from too much waiting? In fact, you no longer have to wait, but you need to act, to change something in your life! Do you want everything to change overnight? Do you want to be seen differently and look with new eyes? What could be more radical than changing the thing that defines you best: your eyes? So, we suggest you should get lenses.

Besides the many practical advantages of contact lenses, there are a number of psychological benefits worth taking into account. A recent study showed that you become 4 times more attractive if you wear contact lenses. The explanation is that you have more confidence and it’s easier for you to get close to people, because you escaped the physical barrier that prevented you from looking and being looked directly into the eyes. Moreover, the slightly dilated pupils and the wet shiny eyes send strong signals which are difficult to ignore by men. If you decided to change your eye color too, you should know from the start what each color suggests. According to statistics, brown eyes are associated with intelligence and confidence, blue eyes denote innocence and kindness and green eyes are associated with sex appeal and creativity.

If you want to get lenses you should know that there are several types, depending on the duration of the period of time they can be worn. There are lenses for one day, one week, one month, two months (soft lenses) and even for periods extending up to one year (hard lenses). There are also lenses that can be worn continuously up to a month. So you can get rid of the trouble of removing them before sleeping. If you decide that you want to wear contact lenses, you really need to make a visit to the optometrist whether you want to correct the power of your eye or if you want them for cosmetic purposes only. Your optician will determine exactly what lens fits you.

Some people who wear contact lenses may experience the problem of dry eyes. But there is a solution, and that is special contact lenses for dry eyes and artificial tears which can restate the natural humidity of the eye. Dry eye related to contact lenses wear is a common problem and contributed to the abandonment of the use of these lenses by a significant number of people. There are some lubricating ophthalmic drops which can be used ten minutes before applying the lenses and ten minutes after removing them. They significantly improve the degree of comfort together with the contact lenses for dry eyes.

If the above information stirred your interest, do not hesitate and get lenses. Even if you experience some problems when wearing them, you can always get contact lenses for dry eyes in order to feel as natural as possible.

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