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Posted by bradhughes on April 5th, 2013

When it comes to search engine optimization, link building is the most important strategy to follow as search engines love sites that have quality links. However, they do not rank sites according to the number of links they have. It is the quality of the links that they consider to be more important. Theme links are also treated at high esteem by search engines. These are one way links that Google treats as important when indexing websites. Therefore, your website is going to have a better search engine ranking if it has such links. It is not the number of links that is important but it is the quality that is important.

Out of the many ways to create theme links, publishing articles is a very good way. You could write high quality articles carrying the keywords that are relevant to your website and publish them on article directories. The one way theme links that you get from the resource boxes of these articles are assets when it comes to improve search rankings. One thing important is that the articles should be informative and also they should carry the same theme as your website is. When you have these requirements the value of the links is immense.

There is the possibility to get one way theme links from press releases as well. The only need is to get a high quality press release written by a freelancer and to publish it in a news website. It is not necessary to have a big event in order to create a press release. Any small event related to your website could be the reason for your press release. When you write it carefully using the right keywords you will be able to create a lot of interest on it. When you do so, the link that originates from the press release will be valuable for your website’s ranking.

When you visit the right blog also you could make a comment and get a one way theme link that Google will like. In case you make a meaningful comment your link will be still more valuable. Even with the latest updates of Google robots these links are able to stand unsuspected by Google as they originate from original comments posted manually. Since no software are used for posting comments search engines will never create any problems. Instead, they treat them at high esteem.

When you get your links from quality articles, press releases and blog comments the value of the links get enhanced. Therefore these links will be notices by search engine spiders and will rank your site favorably. It is the quality of the links that is important and not the number of links. In addition to these you also could get one way links from authoritative websites. However, reciprocal links do not enjoy the same SEO value. Even the anchor text from which the link originate may be important when it comes to search engine ranking. Therefore, you need to look after all these factors to elevate the ranking of your website with search engine rankings.

One way theme links are good way to get the attention of search engines. In case you like to know more about these links you are welcome to visit our site.

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