Do you want to share your Steam games with your beloved gaming companion? If so, in this article, you will learn how to gameshare your Steam collection with family and friends. Gameshare enables users to share games with their friend. This way, you can also access the games that your friend owns on Steam’s library. Most of the video game online distribution services allow the users to use the gameshare feature. Steam is also one of the best digital video games distribution services around the globe.



Steam is one of the best gaming distribution services without a doubt due to its matchless games collection, reasonable pricing, exciting features, and years of trustworthiness. With that said, it also offers an extremely simplified way to gameshare with friends and family members.


Let’s learn how to gameshare on Steam and allow your friend to access your video games. In addition to this, you might also be able to use your friend’s games that he has purchased.


GameShare on Steam: All You Need to Learn



Steam lets its users share their video games with friends and loved ones with a simple method. Users can effortlessly access each other’s Steam libraries with the individual’s consent. Moreover, when a user shares its library with another user, the second user will be able to earn its own achievements and save in-game progress. This means if you share your Steam games with your loved ones, your achievement and games won’t be affected by others' actions.


Step 1: Turn On Steam Guard Security



First and foremost, you should turn on the Steam Guard Security to ensure top-notch security for your Steam account. It is an important step in order to use the Steam Game Share service since game sharing might create several threats for your Steam account. It activates an additional security layer to your Steam account so that no one can make changes to the account’s credentials without your consent.


Follow the instructions mentioned down here to quickly enable Steam Guard feature so that you will be able to share games with your friends and family members:


1. Launch the Steam client or application on your system.

2. Then, head to your account name from the upper-right corner.

3. After that, choose Account Details.

4. Now you will redirect to the account details screen, so just scroll downwards and look for “account security.”

5. Make your way to manage Steam Guard.

6. You will now see three options on the screen to choose from:

I. Get Steam Guard codes from the Steam app on my phone.

II. Get Steam Guard codes by email.

III. Turn Steam Guard off.

7. When you see these options, you need to select the first two options in order to secure your Steam account.


This will ensure that the Steam Guard is enabled and has full authority to protect your account from unauthorized access. It will turn on “2-factor authentication” for your Steam account.


Step 2: Sharing Steam Library With Others



Once the above operation is complete, you have to simply allow your friend to access your Steam’s library, which we call game sharing. Here’s how to do it effectively:


1. First and foremost, you have to get to your friend’s computer to which you want to share your Steam games. It would be easy if you want to gameshare to your family member but could be a little challenging if the person you wish to gameshare lives somewhere else.

2. Keep in mind that you will either need to reach your friend’s home or tell him your Steam account credentials.

3. Now once you are on your friend’s system, log in with your Steam account with your account credentials.

4. Next, launch the Steam client or app.

5. Head to Steam from the upper menu bar.

6. Make your way to Preferences.

7. You will now land on the Settings/preferences of the Steam client.

8. Go to Family using the left-side menu.

9. Now make your way to ‘authorize library sharing on this computer.’

10. Next, carefully log out of your Steam account.

11. After that, let your friend login to his\her Steam account.


Congrats, you have successfully used the gameshare feature. Bear in mind that your friend won’t be able to download and install games using your Steam library. They will be able to access and play the games that you share with them with your account. The game that you will share will appear in the “Games” tab of your friend’s system. You can easily revoke the Steam game share access from your friend’s system whenever you want within your system. All you have to do is just head to the Family tab under Settings to manage this.