Plush mascots have true school spirit

Posted by johnssmith00 on April 8th, 2013

Most people experience sports and the concept of fair play for the first time in school. School spirit engages and educates students about the rules of competition and also gives them a sense of belonging trough association with a group that has at least one common interest. In most cases this particular common interest in a team requires a physical representation. If you want people to know whether your loyalties lie with the Lions, the Bears or the Wolverines you need to sport the colors or mascot of your favorite team. Plush mascots are a fun and affordable way of giving away a true supporter. These soft companions will become a must have item at any pep rally and will help raise money for new uniforms also.

Most of the times school budgets don’t allow room for unforeseen expenses so teachers and parents have to come up with ingenious ways of raising money for equipment and sporting goods and accessories. A nice display of plush mascots in a well transited hall way or a visible place in the cafeteria is bound to be successful in gathering donations. After all who doesn’t love a soft, colorful and machine washable cuddly toy? Plush mascots can be attached to kids’ back packs or pencil cases or assorted to a fancy outfit to make a fashion statement. Either way, once the trend starts going around the school soon enough everyone will want a fun and soft friend that shows who you’re rooting for.

Because the storage capacity of a back pack is limited plush mascots are designed to take up very little space.  They are made of lightweight materials that can be safely washed with most brands of sensitive fabric detergent. Plush mascots can be made using over 60.000 colors and also include embroidery with the name of the team, so you can find yourself confronted by a myriad of different options. Stuffed animal mascots suppliers have become more and more common since the internet boom and so picking a company can be tricky. However, if you keep a few simple things in mind you’ll have an issue-free purchase and delivery, and your school spirit will get a fun boost!

First, do a careful online search before committing to a specific stuffed animal mascots company. This will help you to, first, gage the average prices of plush mascots, see if there are discount coupons available for bulk orders and find the most vibrant colors available. Many times, when purchasing stuffed animal mascots in bulk, you can get a significant discount from the producer, or you could get a coupon for a discount on your next purchase.

Second, be sure to carefully look over all of the policies of the stuffed animal mascots company you’ve settled on. When purchasing online, you have as long as you want to complete the check out process, so you can change your mind if you discover that one of their policies is not to your taste. Make sure to pay attention specifically to shipping and return policies—you’ll want to know you’re covered in case something unfortunate should befall your order of fun stuffed animal mascots.

Try commissioning custom stuffed animal mascots to engage students in showing school spirit. Sporting plush mascots is a fun way to declare your team loyalty.

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