Think your website is just doing fine? You need to think again then!!

Posted by usabilitysciences on April 9th, 2013

Although, website usability testing has been around for quite a few years now, many emerging business concerns still think that they are capable enough to get a website designed that is efficient and will be able to draw clients towards their business on a consistent basis. However, the reality is different from that.

The primary reason for the anomaly between the general thinking and the actuality is the increasing number of websites on the World Wide Web in the past decade. With so much on the platter, the attention of the customer is constantly diverted from one website to another. Hence, if a website is even remotely inferior in its look, feel or design to any of its competitors, it is almost inevitable that the superior website will win over the client without much ado.

Secondly, with the attention span of internet users decreasing by the day, it has become imperative for every website to be as user friendly as possible. No website in today’s time can afford to give the user a lousy experience in terms of ease of performing a task, convenience in navigation or any other functionality of the site. This may result in the loss of a customer. It is a known fact that a displeased customer cannot often be won back.

Furthermore, business executives fail to understand the simple fact that what may seem like the colloquial language to them is actually nothing but a bunch of jargon to the users. This is what adversely impacts the content on the website, as a result of which the communication between the business and the prospective client becomes vague, thus leaving the client vulnerable to the pull created by other similar but more lucid sites.

It is in the interest of every business that it understands that the website is an important aspect of the business. The website is not only a way of registering presence on the internet, but it is also a touch-point for a prospective client of the business. It is the website that helps such client gain awareness about the offerings of the concern, the facets that differentiate the business from its competitors and ultimately becomes a decisive factor with respect to the purchase decision or any other desired action.

So if you own a business, and want to convert your site visitors into real-time customers, then it’s probably a wise decision for you to go online and search for a proficient company that provides services for usability testing.

About The Author:

The article has been written by Ben Bishop, the Marketing Manager at Usability Sciences. Usability Sciences offers various Usability Testing services like – Website Usability Testing, Mobile Usability Testing, Website Design Testing, Remote Usability Testing, and Rapid Iterative Testing. They also offer Eye tracking, Web Usability, Card Sorting and Intercept Survey services to improve your web experience. Besides these they also take a keen interest in various online research and competitive usability research study and analysis.

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