How Internet Phone Service – VOIP Works

Posted by StructuredInc on July 11th, 2020

You may have heard of or even used internet Phone Service or VoIP, a modern technology offering phone service. It is important for you to understand how it works and why it is suitable and a go to choice for many people.

Technical Aspects

At the technical level, VoIP usually takes your voice then converts your sound into a digital signal, which is carried across the internet and around the globe as a result. In addition to this, if the person at the other end is using a regular telephone another conversion takes place that enables them to understand the message as normal, regular conversation

Equipment Needed For Internet Phone Service/VOIP

There are important software and hardware that help to accomplish VoIP calls. If you are using a computer, you will only need the software. A regular telephone requires an adapter to connect it to the internet in both, incoming phone calls use a ringing sound that alerts a person there is an incoming call. An internet connection is mandatory for the digital signal to travel across the internet. It is important to have high-speed internet like a broadband connection via a DSL modem or a cable. You can also have wireless Phone service Lexington KY via internet access points in hot spots like libraries, municipalities and airports.

When you use the computer software VoIP requires speakers and a microphone that will enable you to speak and to hear sound. Other users like to use a headset to ease communication and keep the other side of the conversation private.

If you are using a regular telephone set, you can dial normally though some companies require one to dial a specific access number first. In order to know if this is a requirement, check for the procedure with your individual service provider.


You can save a lot of money when you use Internet Phone Service since they offer discounted rates along with other handsome features. There are free long distance calls to enjoy, call waiting, and call forwarding that consumers are used to from using cell phone services. There are no additional fees for setup and other monthly services since you are only utilizing your broadband internet connection.

Other Advantages Include:

  • Use of existing broadband connection allows you to have an easy and quick start with an internet phone service. You can sign up quickly online and within minutes get a new internet phone number.
  • A phone-to-phone internet phone service allows you to use your existing telephone. You only need to connect your phone to your modem or router using the adapter the VoIP provider sends you when signing up.
  • You can keep the new internet number or decide against it and transfer your original number.
  • You will enjoy a wide range of low cost call plans offered by internet phone service providers. You will therefore not pay by the minute but a monthly call plan. Such a plan is flexible and convenient because you can call to landlines, mobiles in countries listed within your call plan at any time and it is unlimited.
  • Cheap Voice over IP (VoIP) Lexington KY benefits offer for calls to other countries once you sign up.
  • You can use a phone-to-phone VoIP provider so you will not always need to use a computer.

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