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Posted by communitysecurity on April 12th, 2013

Protecting your neighborhood can be a huge challenge.  If you are part of a homeowners association (HOA), they may opt to hire a security company to provide HOA security.  They may install cameras to monitor activities around the neighborhood.  They may also have security guards available to patrol the neighborhood. 

Finding a security company in Arizona that can provide such services can be a challenge for your homeowners association.  There are a lot of factors to take into account when choosing a company.  Initial training, as well as follow up training courses, is a very important factor.  Keeping skills hones can make all the difference when apprehending someone.

There are some things that you should watch out for with HOA security.  Some companies try to take short cuts and falsify the amount of guards they will provide.  If they are short handed or are just looking to save money, they may assign a single guard to two or more communities at the same time.  This makes it easy for people with ill intentions to infiltrate the community.

There are some security guards in Arizona that have even been caught providing false reports of security shifts.  Guards have been caught not monitoring properties at all. They then file reports stating that they worked their entire shift so they can still get paid for their time not spent working. 

Worse than that, some security companies in Arizona have been caught hiring someone that is not an officially trained security guard.  They hire someone that cannot actually provide security and pay them to only wear the uniform.  They do this in an effort to deter thieves.  Unfortunately, the people that hired the security company are the ones to really pay.

It’s a good idea to regularly have someone from the homeowners association to do surprise checks on your HOA security. They will want to make sure that the guard is doing his/her job and not sleeping.  A common problem with night guards is they get tired sitting in a dark car all night and often doze off. 

Fortunately you will not be solely on your own to watch for these things.  The Department of Public Safety helps monitor security guards in Arizona by forcing them to keep their licensing current.  They have strict licensing rules and the guards must follow them in order to not only keep their license, but to even wear the uniform.

Security guards in Arizona can either get a license to be an unarmed security guard or to be an armed guard.  Armed guards have to have many more hours of practice and training in order to carry a weapon.  The licensing carries with the guard whether the move to another company or not.  

Community Action Security is a company that provides security guards to your organization.  They have a philosophy that believes in honesty and hard work.  They want to provide not only the most talent security guards, but kind, friendly people to protect you. 


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