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Men?s bow ties ? wearing bow ties and finding bow ties in the UK

Posted by Tiesnsuch12 on April 12th, 2013

The trend of wearing bow ties seems to be reemerging. A fashion choice that used to be reserved for formalwear has taken a new avenue to the casual dressed man.  Everywhere you look you will find men wearing them. Oddly enough, you may even see women wearing them as hair accessories.

At one time, bow ties were mostly worn to weddings and other formal events requiring a tuxedo.  The ultimate icing on the fashionable cake, it signified dignity and refinement.  Historically, nearly every party thrown by the wealthy required formal dress. Therefore, tuxedos and their accompanying ties also became associated with success.

Men’s bow ties used to not only be associated with weddings and formal events, but with entertainment performers as well.  It was quite common to see magicians and clowns wearing loud bow ties that seemed to stand right out from their clothing.  In that aspect, it would seem that they used these ties to make people relax and not take them so seriously.

Now you can see men everywhere sporting this upcoming fashion trend.  Many young American men are wearing them every day, a large percentage of them being college aged men.  You may even be able to see many men wearing bow ties in the UK.  It is becoming popular again in countries around the world.

It has even become more common for little boys to wear bow ties when they are getting dressed up.  Is there anything more adorable than a tiny little boy wearing a suit?  And wearing a fashionable tie along with it just makes it even better.  It makes for a very classic looking photo for the little guys as well.

But where can you find these remarkable little fashion statements?  Shopping at typical department stores or superstores will likely yield poor results.  Most of the men’s bow ties you will find at these stores will be low quality or will be the kind you clip on rather than tie.  If you’re going for the right look, you need the right tie.

There are many places online you can purchase ties.  You can make an educated shopping purchase if you already know some things about them.  Otherwise you may want to look for specialty shops that sell bow ties in the UK.

Shopping for men’s bow ties can be a very enjoyable experience.  Like women, men enjoy looking their best.  It changes how one feels about themselves when they are dressed up.  Finding the right clothing can make someone change their outlook on the event they are attending and have a truly enjoyable experience.

About Author:

Ties N Such is a men’s accessory boutique located in London.  They carry unique ties for business wear and sets for weddings.  They also carry accessories to accompany your look, like cufflinks and pocket squares.  A wide variety of bow ties are also in stock.  You can shop in the store or visit them online at http://www.tiesnsuch.co.uk/ to shop for your new look or to obtain more information.

Contact Details:

Ties N Such Ltd

Unit 7026

292 Leek Road Hanley

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

United Kingdom, ST4 2EJ

Telephone No.:  0161 408 3367


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