The Silk Tie: Wearing silk ties and shopping for silk neckties

Posted by Tiesnsuch12 on April 12th, 2013

A well dressed man is a force to be reckoned with.  He exuded confidence and can turn heads without trying.  But what is considered well dressed?  A good suit?  A silk tie? Nice shoes?  Truthfully, it is a combination of a lot of things.  So let’s explore what makes a man well dressed.

Every man should have a nice suit.  He should have at least one suit that has been tailored to his measurements.  Along with that suit he should have a few dress shirts with coordinating silk neckties, matching socks, and dress shoes.  Additional accessories like belts and cufflinks need not match the shirts and ties.

You may think that the suit is the most important part and the rest is secondary.  That’s not entirely true.  The suit is like wrapping paper.  It’s decorative and beautiful, but it needs finishing touches to really make it spectacular.  A silk tie is like the ribbon on the present.  It’s the first thing you notice and it makes you stand out among the other presents.

Choosing a silk necktie can be a challenge.  Many ties either remind you of your grandfather or ugly wall paper.  Some of the loud and outlandish patterns are more of distraction than a properly worn accessory.  More modern designs are a simple solid color with a texture put right into the fabric. These are sleek and stylish.

There are certainly some fun silk ties out there that brandish logos or more artistic designs.  There are ties for sports fans or college alumni to show their support and devotion.  There are even some that have intricate patterns with characters or logos hidden cleverly among them.  These are a definite win for someone that wants to stay semi-formal but be silly too.

Learning to tie a silk tie is fairly easy to do.  With a little practice you will be able to tie some of the basic knots.  If you have trouble, it’s ok to ask someone for help. When tying it, remember to have the point of the wide end touching the top of your belt.  Another finishing touch is to put a vertical crease just under the knot.

When you are finished wearing a silk tie, hang it up neatly so it doesn’t get creased or wrinkled.  Some people take a shortcut and removed their ties while they are still tied.  While it’s a time saver for the next time you need to wear a tie, your tie will look so much nicer if you store it properly and tie it each time you wear it.

Appreciating the silk necktie as the center of your ensemble will help you to focus on every detail.  Starting from the center and working your way out will put you in the frame of mind to think  about the little things, and appreciate the finer points of dressing for success.

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