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Posted by johnssmith00 on April 13th, 2013

Dog owners need to purchase dog poop bags if they want to protect their environment and prevent their children from contacting all sorts of diseases carried by the bacteria and parasites found in dog waste. There are many ways of collecting dog poop, including using a pooper scooper, the dog poop bag itself, a pair of gloves or other tools. Today, we want to present the easiest way, which is using poo bags as gloves, and protecting your hands when collecting the waste. Any other method is good too, just keep in mind never to touch the waste with your bare hands.

When you take your dog for a walk, make sure you know where it goes. Depending on the dog breed, dogs can be trained to defecate in various places: near trees, in locations where there is no grass, but only soil, in small natural valleys, and even on the asphalt near piling. Regardless of the location where your dog is trained to defecate, when you take it for a walk, make sure to always keep an eye on it, and collect that waste before someone tells you to pick it up. If you know for a fact that your dog is preparing to defecate, take it to a park to accustom it with that location; the dog will immediately make the neuronal connection that defecating is related to that park, and it will get used to eliminating residues only there.

When taking the dog out, pay attention to its behavior. In most cases, dogs, regardless of their breed, use their paws to cover their waste. So even if the park is full of grass and flowers, you should still be able to see if the dog has defecated or not. Of course, you could always keep the dog near you and observe its every move, but the beauty of taking the dog to a park consists also of letting it wander free through grass and flowers, not only of being in a beautiful location, next to its master.

When you notice your dog has produced some residues, prepare your dog poo bags to collect them. During a walk in the park, a dog usually defecates once, but this depends very much on its stomach activity; if the dog has stomach or intestinal problems, it could defecate more than once during a single walk in the park. That is why it is recommended to take more dog poop bags with you, even if you plan to walk your dog for less than an hour. When you reach the location where the dog poop was released, carefully take a dog poop bag from its exterior and place the poop in its interior. If you are extra cautious, we recommend you to use some gloves as well. When the waste is inside the bag, throw it along with the bag to the garbage. Do not take filled dog poo bags with you to your house, unless you are willing to withstand the smell. Surely you can find a toilet or trash can in the location where you have taken the dog for a walk.

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