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Posted by juliabennet on April 13th, 2013

Sometimes people find new jobs in places which are located in a different city, country or even continent. For those of them who cannot afford to buy a new house, finding accommodation for a longer period of time may prove difficult. If you are planning on relocating to Australia because of your work or other obligations, Perk and Melbourne hotels are amazing for both long and short term housing. These two represent the best options you have when it comes to finding a proper place to stay for yourself or for a team you may be leading.

Nowadays hotels and hostels do no offer their service only for tourist, or people who are planning a shorter stay. The economical crisis has affected most business fields, and tourism has not escaped shockwave. Hotel owners have developed a new way of raising their occupancy rate: renting the rooms for a longer period of time to corporate clients. And it is a good thing that they decided to do so, because it comes in very helpful to business men. They have made special business packages which include lower fees for longer stays, allow access to facilities such as WiFi connection, conference rooms and even to the spa for those who need relaxation after a hard day of work.

Getting back to you, and what you need, you must understand that most travel agencies and hotels offer fair pricing on housing for business travelers, military personnel, relocating employees and project teams. You will be able to find the right accommodation for yourself but for also for a larger group. If you are indeed responsible with the accommodations for a larger number people, make sure you know exactly how many rooms you need to get. Find a hotel or apartment building which holds comfortable rooms, even if that means spending a little more money. After all, if your team members will be able to rest properly they will also be able work at full capacity the next day.

Another relevant aspect you should consider is budget. If you are company has given you a certain amount of money, which you are not allowed to exceed try to find the most suitable offers. You will have to prioritize utilities, meaning you will not be able to book any luxury suites, you must renounce spa treatments but also know what is essential to put some money aside for (Hot water for all the rooms, Conference room for meetings, access to internet). Our last piece of advice is that you lower your expenses by asking all of the company’s employees traveling with you if they are willing to share the rooms with same gender partners. Some might appreciate this idea, as living alone in a new location can be really hard getting used to.

Trying to find the best the best Perth hotels or Melbourne hotels? Corporate Keys has the answer to all your accommodation-related problems.

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