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Importance of private domain registration and how to acquire it

Posted by JSTEWART751 on July 13th, 2020

What is the private web domain registration?

Discover the importance of private domain registration and how to acquire it

Surely you have ever heard stories of hackers apart from cheap ssl who are getting information from different directories on the internet and then scam people with large sums of money.

In fact, as the internet has become almost the central axis of global commerce and communication, a branch of technology and security called ethical hacking is dedicated to advising companies on possible vulnerabilities in their systems that may be the point input for a major hack.

Now, what happens to individuals, entrepreneurs, or sole proprietorships?

There are certain ways to safeguard your information on the internet and you may not know about it. One of these measures is the private registration of domains

In this note, we will tell you a little more about its great importance to safeguard your data.

When a person purchases a domain name, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires the registrar to enter your contact information, including mail365 name, physical address, email address, and phone number in the WHOIS database.

This is a search directory that contains the personal information of each registrant and is available, free of charge, to anyone who wants to verify domain names in the WHOIS database.

In other words, with a simple free inquiry, anyone can know relevant information about you.

This is why the private domain registration acts as protection against the potential dangers of the WHOIS database at the hands of hackers or scammers.

What is private domain registration?

Basically the private domain registration will prevent your data from being on the web and your registrar (Donweb for example) will replace your contact information with theirs in the WHOIS database.

It is important to note that private domain registration is considered an additional service, which means that it carries an additional fee apart from domain registration. However, as online security threats continue to evolve, there are several reasons why having a private cheap domain names uk registration is worth it.

Protect your privacy

Identity theft doesn't just happen in movies. When your personal information is available in the WHOIS database, your risk level increases. Private domain registration can alleviate concerns by ensuring that anyone who decides to verify domain names for negative purposes finds only the name of your proxy service.

Avoid spammers

Have you ever wondered how that girl who telephoned to offer you a certain product or service had your data and you had never provided it to her?

Well, the answer is simple, many databases are bought and sold to the highest bidder but it also happens that many telemarketers scour the WHOIS database for phone numbers for their own phone lists. These lists are then used or sold to other companies and so your contact information can be in several different databases.

Maintain control

When the private domain registration keeps your personal information out of the WHOIS database, you can ultimately openly decide what information you want to make public through your company's website.

It's still cheap

Although as we said previously, buying a domain with a private domain registration has a higher cost than the traditional option, it is still very accessible for all people and even more so with all the benefits obtained.


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