A logo mat is a perfect way of marketing and advertising.

Posted by AmandaTom on April 15th, 2013

Do you want to make an exquisite first impression? They say that the first 30 seconds could decisively shape the first impression. Therefore, you can now choose one of the most practical products to meet your guests: entrance logo mats customized with your company’s marks – logo or slogan. With their help you can impress your clients and turn your guests into true stars. This product will help in this regard, with dimensions on request up to 20 meters and with a remarkable retention of dirt and dust.

The trend towards customized interior spaces (with one’s own design, logo, or any other graphic signs taken from other environment decorations design) has grown more and more lately. There are a lot of specialized providers of personalized products, including custom logo mats, and they allow their customers to put their imagination into practice by entering the art domain through technological possibilities. They provide the opportunity to design a customized logo mat with up to 12 colors in the composition. The final products they offer are fireproof, antistatic treated and destined to public spaces but also to private spaces when clients wish for a special design.

Thus you have the possibility to create your own unique, modern, personalized mats to perfectly fit the interior décor you live in. You can choose elegant curbs, complex and contemporary graphics so that in the end the result should be a quality custom mat. The producers offer the clients the freedom to adjust the chosen model according to their budget. For example, in order to create a logo mat you start from a simple and elegant model with a classic border then add new graphic accessories and design enhancements up to the proposed spending limit.

Logo mats are a solution for individual customer needs. Logo feet wipers do not only have a marketing, advertising or informative function, but they are also an excellent form of protection for floors and carpets. They accumulate up to 70% of dirt and dust and up to 6 liters of water per 1 / 2 m. They radically decrease the amount of dirt entering the indoor location from outside. The base of the wiper is fitted with a non-slip rubber, which prevents accidents. You can choose the colors, the models, this allowing you to adapt to any interior space. On the feet wiper you can place the logo of your company or a graphic element or anything else you want. The location of the wiper in front of the entrance, or reception rooms, booths or conference area will be a great advertisement, creating your company’s image.

These mats could be used in a wide range of activity domains. Accordingly, we could even speak about military rugs, vehicle mats or marine custom rugs.

If you care about your clients’ opinion and the impression you give them, you should decide to purchase logo mats. One of the best means of advertising your company is by exhibiting its logo widely, so a logo mat could be a really helpful tool.

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