Pearl Designer Jewellery ?What to Look for?

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Pearl is known for its elegance and it is praised for its modesty. Any woman who wears it gains a glimpse of elegance combined with purity and modesty. Women love to wear pearl for almost every occasion they are attending in life and pearl jewellery can also be used daily for office, college and more. At times, pearl outshines all other gemstones when it comes to gifting as it makes the best romantic gift in life. Are you looking for tips to buy a better piece of pearl designer jewellery for yourself or your beloved one?

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There are innumerable designs and styles of pearl designer jewellery are available with the pearl jewellers all over the world. However, it is important for you to consider some important factors when you purchase pearl designer jewellery just to ensure you are making the right choice.

1. Grading – The first and foremost thing to consider is the grading of the pearl you are buying. Good quality pearls are given any one grade among the following pearl grades: A, AA, AA+, AAA. And AAA. Look for pearls with better grading and always check the Pearl Source reviews and pearl jeweller who has more than a single grade of pearl available just for you to touch them and ensure you are buying the best one.

2. Size –When it comes to the size always keep in mind that the price and quality of pearl are always determined based on their size. If the pearl is larger it is priced high. Suppose if you are buying a pearl ring, buy a ring with a bigger piece of pearl in it so that it looks more valuable.

3. Shape – Spherical and round shaped pearls are very expensive but pearls are available in other shapes like baroque, symmetrical and they are also available in irregular shapes.

4. Colour – White and ivory coloured pearls are best for wedding and they make perfect bridal jewellery. Pearl is available in promising colours like white, cream, golden, pink, ivory, purple, violet, algae green, peacock blue and more. Choosing a particular colour of the pearl is entirely based on your colour preferences but do not buy pearls (other than Tahitian pearls) that appear green or yellow as they have very less value.

5. Lustre – This is really important to check the quality of a pearl. The good quality pearl has very high lustre. This lustre is based on the overtone of the pearl. Place the pearl in a dark background and check its overtone. If the pearl shines with beautiful overtone then go for it.

6. Surface or Smoothness – Check for the surface of the pearl you are buying. Some type of pearl naturally has soft-lined surface, some have very rarely visible dots but do not prefer to buy pearl with blemishes, spot and rough uneven surface.

Now that you know enough key points to choose the best piece of designer jewellery now what are you waiting for? Locate a certified and well established pearl jeweller online and place your orders now!

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