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Posted by StoryBracelet on April 17th, 2013

What is a story bracelet?  It is a piece of jewelry worn by a woman that tells the story of her life. It displays her memories for everyone to see.  Women have remarkable strength and touch so many lives.  What a profound and thoughtful way to show her how much you love and appreciate her by  giving her one of these bracelets.

To start building this extraordinary piece of jewelry, you will first have to locate someplace to purchase them.  There are retailers that carry these bracelets online.  These websites allow you to view the different styles of bracelet and build one from start to finish.  Well, they are never really finished, but you can at least get one started.

You will first choose the kind of bracelet you want as the base of your story bracelet.  There are some with solid bands that wrap around the wrist.  Others use tiny beads on strands.  Some even have a lovely snakeskin pattern that adds so much character to the bracelet.  Choose the one that best suits the amazing woman you are purchasing it for.

Next you will move on to decorating the bracelet.  You will need to browse the story charms and choose some that fit her personality and her experiences.  Each piece is chosen individually so her story can be pieced together a little bit at a time. 

There are a few different kinds of story charms to choose from.  There are button charms, which attach fully onto the bracelet.  There are drop charms, which dangle from the bracelet.  These add character and depth.  And there are spacers, which help section off some of the bands or strands together. 

Choosing the pieces for your bracelet online is fast and easy.  You can take your time determining how many pieces you want to start with and matching them up to your base bracelet.  It also gives you the element of surprise.  She won’t know you are gifting something so lovely to her until she opens it.

Some women can be really hard to choose gifts for.  This is not just a fabulous, one-time gift.  You can purchase more story charms any time you want.  She will be thrilled to receive more charms to add to her story.  It’s an especially thoughtful gift for those times when there is no reason to give a gift.

A story bracelet is a remarkably personalized gift for the remarkable woman in your life.  They are not just for wives and girlfriends, but also for moms, sisters, daughters, and friends.  It’s an appropriate gift for any kind of relationship.  Especially because it comes right from the heart.

Story Bracelet is a concept put out by Story Jewelry Co.  It is a base bracelet that is customizable by button charms, drop charms, and spacers.  Each charm that you add to the bracelet tells a story of who the wearer is.  It is a remarkably personal gift for the special woman in your life.

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