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Posted by StoryBracelet on April 17th, 2013

A woman’s life is a complex story.   She plays so many roles to the people she loves.  It can be difficult to choose just the right gift for her.  When you decide to give her the gift of a charm bracelet, you are giving her a way to tell her story without words.  Adding bracelet charms to signify who she is and what she has accomplished is a gift that will last a lifetime.

There are many different ways to shop for this uniquely special gift.  You can go to local jewelers to see if they carry these items, or you can shop at online jewelry stores.  Shopping online offers you a wider variety of options to choose from.  Plus, as an added bonus, shopping is more discreet so you will not ruin the surprise.

What kind of starter bracelet should you choose?  There are bracelets that are constructed of many tiny beads in a variety of colors and stones.  There are also solid bracelets that come many colors.  Then there are lovely snakeskin bracelets in a variety of colors.  These are like the solid bracelets but with a striking snakeskin pattern.

To personalize the bracelets, you will need to purchase bracelet charms.  Each charm should represent a part of the woman’s life.  It should, in fact, tell her story without having to use words. These come in several options as well.  There are button charms, drop charms, and spacers.

Button charms attach to the bracelet the way that a button attaches to fabric.  It lies flush against it.  There are many different styles for these.  Some are stars or hearts, while others are less formal, like skulls with rhinestones.  They come in different sizes and different finishes.  You can choose gold or silver plated.  They are quite striking, especially on snakeskin bracelets.

Another style of bracelet charm is the drop charm.  These gorgeous charms dangle from the bracelet when attached. They come in a variety of styles also, and add depth and dimension to the bracelet.  By combining a variety of button charms and drop charms, your bracelet will have as much character as the woman wearing it.

Spacers divide sections of the bracelet off from the rest of it.  It allows some pieces to be grouped together.  It also separates the bracelet charms so they do not touch each other.  The spacers, as well as the charms, can be easily repositioned as new pieces are added to keep the bracelet looking its best.

Finding an online jewelry store that carries these bracelets and charms should be an easy task.  You will be able to shop a wide selection of items to find the perfect one for the woman in your lift.  It is a gift that she will truly treasure for years to come.

Story Bracelet is a concept put out by Story Jewelry Co.  It is a base bracelet that is customizable by button charms, drop charms, and spacers.  Each charm that you add to the bracelet tells a story of who the wearer is.  It is a remarkably personal gift for the special woman in your life.

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