Car window stickers- a low cost advertising solution!

Posted by johnallanes on April 18th, 2013

Car window stickers are the pioneers when it comes to inexpensive advertising solutions. These come in many different colors, shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of products. They catch immediate attention and have a high recall value. All you need to do to promote your product or service is get customized window stickers printed and distributed. Car window stickers spread the advertising message quick, wide and almost effortlessly because they are the most commonly used, type of stickers. It is a great example of low investment and high returns.

Chances are that many people would notice yoursticker. However, you can always make the window stickers more eye-catching by using attractive color combinations, catchy taglines etc. to increase the retention in your customer's mind. The color scheme of the sticker should match the color scheme of your brand. This ensures an immediate brand connect in customer's mind. The sticker has limited space. So decide what you want to say and how you want to say it. The best way to put your message on a sticker is in the form of a captivating phrase or slogan.

You can also use an image. However, the image should match the service or product you are promoting or should be in tandem with your brand. Random images create confusion in customer's mind. These stickers are easy to create and easy to apply. They are cost effective, hence loved by individuals and corporates alike. These stickers run your campaign round the clock in a fraction of a cost of what it would take you to run it on radio or television. You can also run a series of campaigns by using an assortment of stickers. You can constantly experiment with the look of the stickers (remember to keep the basics same for retention purpose) as your campaign moves from one stage to another. You could also promote your brand, product or service by running some competitions via these stickers. These competitions also serve, as constant dip checks into your campaign as the number of replies or entries are clear indicators of market penetration.

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