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Posted by customgreenpromos on April 18th, 2013

Shopping is one of those activities that we love to hate.  There’s no escaping it- at some point you are going to need something from the pharmacy, the retailer, or the grocer.  Try as we might, we can’t avoid a whole lot about the shopping experience.  However, custom grocery bags can make the experience a more pleasant one, for many reasons. 

To cut costs and to be a bit more ‘green,’ many grocery and big box stores use plastic bags to package your wares.  These bags are a great option – if you actually recycle them.  While some stores provide recycling receptacles for this purpose, it can be a hassle to remember to save the bags, and then re-gather them and drop them off again.  The intent of these eco bags is good – but not always practical.

Of course, now many grocers and retailers are offering incentives for using and re-using eco friendly bags when you shop.  Others will actually charge you for each bag you use, passing the cost of the bags to you, the consumer.  Purchasing reusable bags is great option.  Many stores sell their own specific version of these – or you can order and customize your own!

Custom grocery bags can easily be designed to reflect your own sense of style.  Design the text, add a logo, and change the colors and patterns to reflect who you are.  Get larger ones for clothing, smaller ones for groceries.  The great thing about these bags is that they can be easily folded to store permanently in your car.  You’ll always have them when you need them!

You can’t beat the convenience of eco friendly bags.  Many of them are nonwoven, made from polypropylene and hand- or machine-stitched.  Because they can be so easily personalized, they make a great door prizes and promotional items for companies.  Because they are such a practical item, they are sure to be used, and companies will enjoy the constant exposure in the community!

Eco bags are amazingly durable, and won’t rip or tear with normal use.  They bear the weight of heavier loads, so they can be packed more fully and efficiently than plastic.  As inexpensive as they are to purchase, you can easily buy several extras to use around the house to organize projects, toys, supplies, etc.  They last for years, making them well worth the initial investment. 

Many online outlets specialize in making custom grocery bags and bags for various needs.  If you are interested in decreasing your carbon footprint, want a durable and lasting solution to transporting your goods, or just want something fashionable and unique, it’s worth it to explore the many options available. 

Custom Green Promos is dedicated to providing premium green bags that allow business to advertise their brand while remaining respectful of the environment.  We do our part to protect the environment, and provide an eco-friendly solution that is reusable and safe for our environment.  We offer a number of green products including lanyards, pens, hats, t-shirts and bags. 

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