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Posted by johnallanes on April 19th, 2013

Here you are looking for that perfect floor covering once again. Has your last buying decision gone wrong? You may have bought your floor covering just a few years back under the impression that it may last long but your decision to buy the Wool carpet for several nook and crannies of your house may have gone wrong. Carpets are one accessory which can completely change the look of your house. Most of the times, we miss out in taking care while buying carpets. Under the foot, they tend to stay out of sight and mind. The reason why many opt for this flooring option is because of the fact that it is safe.

It gives a much safer option for prevention of injury from fall and also for kids to play around. Besides that it gives a much cleaner and finished look to your flooring which is something we always strive to maintain. Because we buy it with an idea of covering our floors for the next 10 to 20 years, we expect it to last long, be durable and look as new as you laid it just yesterday. Even though you may have invested in an expensive rug, with way it looks and feels now, you may doubt that about your buying decision. It may have gone completely wrong. You may not have taken care of several details while buying Carpet for your house.

With some caution in buying the wool rugs we make an investment which not only looks beautiful but also lasts long. Take care of the padding before you make a final buying decision. The reason why padding is important for a floor covering rug is because this is what forms the foundation of a carpet. A durable padding means that the rug will not wither away quickly and its fibre will be protected from the daily wear and tear to look as good as new. You can choose from cut pile or loop pile varieties a combination of both is called cut and loop pile. One also has to take care of the construction of the floor covering rug. It can be between tufted or woven coverings. Tufted varieties are the ones which have variety in padding. The woven ones last much longer than the tufted ones and give more value for money.

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