Wall Decals are in Great Demand These Days

Posted by Johny Dean on April 19th, 2013

If you are sick and tired of your room and want to personalize it according to your taste, a creative idea would be to use wall decals. Wall decals are now very popular, especially among teenagers because they give you the chance to express your personality in a free manner. There are some major advantages of using wall decals in comparison with wallpapers or paint. They are very cheap, easy to use and can be replaced whenever you want. In addition to these, the great majority of children can now have around them their favorite characters without too much effort.

Wall decals are usually made of vinyl and are cut with vinyl cutting machines. The main purpose for using decals is decoration, but they can also be used for advertising and branding (glass decals). The term decal is a short form for decalcomania and was invented by the French engraver, Simon François Ravenet in the 18th century (around 1750). Decals have gained so much popularity in the last decades because they are considered to be a Do-It-Yourself decoration. They can have different shapes, sizes and colors, according to people’s preferences. Wall decals have a small disadvantage. Some of them cannot be removed and reused afterwards. However, there are some types of wall decals that can be reused due to the fact they have a laminate overlay which enable reusing them.

Wall decals are sometimes referred to as wallies. The back of these decals can be removed and reveals an adhesive that can bind to your wall very rapidly. The good aspect about wall decals is that they can be washed by hand in case they get dirty. Decals can be of different types, in conformity with the type of room and the preferences of the inhabitant/inhabitants of that room. People have to distinguish among nursery decals, kitchen decals, kids decals (for boys and for little girls), bedroom decals, living room decals and many other such types.

If you happen to be a nonconformist person and you do not like the “default” stickers, you should know that many companies are now specialised in making custom design wall stickers. Most of the companies dealing with custom design wall stickers use high quality inks and materials in order to protect your walls. Such companies hire specialists in this field, people who are very talented and patient to understand what type of decal you would like or would be suitable for you and your room. They are very willing to hear your creative ideas and, if necessary, to make some helpful suggestions.

The great majority of people who want to have custom design wall stickers come with favourite photos and express their desire to turn them into wall stickers. Other people who want to be more original opt for decals with quotations and unusual shapes. There is no limit as regards the size of the decal you want. All suggestions are accepted and followed as closely as possible. So, if you want custom design wall stickers, now it is your chance of getting some.

Have you ever heard about wall decals? Would you like to buy custom design wall stickers for your room?

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