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Posted by maryparker on April 19th, 2013

Our vision changes as we age and, unfortunately, it gets worse over time. There are numerous eye disturbances that can affect our vision and glaucoma is one of the most severe eye problems. This eye condition affects the optic nerve of the eye and it usually occurs after the age of 40, although younger people can also have it. Individuals who can no longer see clearly and have constant headaches are advised to see eye doctor mobile right away in order to receive adequate treatment.

We should start by saying that glaucoma shouldn’t be ignored or left untreated, as it can cause permanent blindness. It is useful to know that this disease has no obvious symptoms and for this reason it is recommended to have an eye exam at least once a year. By seeing your eye doctor mobile on a regular basis, your condition will be diagnosed and treated before permanent vision loss occurs. In simple terms, when the pressure in your eyes increases because your eye fluid doesn’t circulate normally in the front part of your eye, chances are you have this condition and you should treat it as soon as possible.

Usually this eye disease in inherited, being passed from parents to children, but there are situations when glaucoma is caused by a blunt injury to the eye, severe eye infection, blockage of blood vessels in the eye, inflammatory conditions in the eye or eye surgery. We should mention that this disease normally occurs in adults that are over 40 years old and there is an increased risk for having this eye condition if you have a family history of glaucoma, have poor vision, have diabetes or you take certain steroid medication. It is almost impossible to detect glaucoma without a professional eye consult and you should seek care if you experience sudden eye pain, headache, blurred vision, vision loss, redness in the eye, nausea and narrowing of vision.

Professional eye doctor mobile has the necessary equipment and skills to assess your eye condition and to recommend suitable treatment. An eye exam that is meant to diagnose this condition focuses on your optic nerve; the performed tests are painless and they don’t take a long time. There are several treatments for this eye condition, depending on its severity and these include eye drops, laser surgery or microsurgery. Eye drops are meant to reduce the formation of fluid in your eyes, laser surgery eliminates fluid blockage, while microsurgery creates a new channel to drain the fluid. 

Only eye doctor mobile can recommend a suitable treatment and although glaucoma cannot be prevented, it is useful to know that it can be treated, especially when it is detected early on. To conclude, this condition affects numerous people worldwide, it usually occurs in both eyes and it should not remain untreated. We should all take the time to see an experienced eye doctor at least once a year in order to make sure we don’t have an eye condition that can have devastating effects when left untreated.

If you would like to learn more about the most popular eye diseases you have come to the right place. We strive to offer you accurate information on glaucoma and our experienced eye doctor mobile will answer all of your questions.

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