Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 45)

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Gideon knew exactly what I?d like for dinner. There were curries of various seafood like grouper and arapaima served with roti. Side dishes of chutneys, samosas and island bhajees complimented the steaming rice biryani. In the center of the table, Jarvis placed a bowl filled with succulent guavas, mangoes, sapodillas and papaya.

?Enjoy your dinner,? said Jarvis as he left.

?Everything looks good,? I commented, ?and the coffee smells heavenly. Thank you, Gideon, this is a surprise.?

?You and your coffee,? remarked Gideon,?it?s from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Now let?s see,? he continued as he bit into a piece of bread, ?it wasn?t that you didn?t enjoy Kimberly?s company. You certainly did and I?m sure she enjoyed yours, also. The real problem was your fear ? fear of what a relationship might do to you. You value your freedom to be yourself so highly that anything that seems to threaten that freedom is quickly avoided. This is how you react to close relationship situations. It?s neither good nor bad.?

?So that?s all there is to it? I?m just plain scared of getting close to anyone??

?To a certain degree, John,? he replied, ?but it?s not always quite as simple as that. You?ve told some of your closest associates that one of the great benefits of your work is that you have a chance to say ?good-bye? and move on. A part of you really enjoys moving on and stay- ing free as the wind blows. Many times you are alone; rarely are you lonely. This basically has been your choice.?

?What we?re trying to tell you, John,? added Marla, ?is that it?s OK to have a relationship. It?s also OK not to have a relationship.Either or neither is fine. A relationship between two people is really about you and not the other person. Relationships, committed or non-committed, meaningful or meaningless, just reflect who you are. Enjoy your relationships; don?t analyze them to death. Even fleeting ones, such as with Kimberly, create excitement.?

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