5 Ways How To Get Featured On Music Blogs For Free

Posted by TheRiddim on July 14th, 2020

As an emerging or independent artist, it is no longer enough simply to make music and put it out there for the world. Technology has made buying the basic equipment and becoming a recording artist easy for almost anyone.

However, you could just be ahead of your way for those who put in the extra work necessary to stick out and get noticed. Most newcomers prefer to use "mass-messaging" spam tactics and write unprofessional pitches that are totally inefficient throughout the music industry.

Here are some essential tips to show you how to get your music featured on the music blogs and stand out from the crowd.

1. Music blogs accept entries but not all

You would waste the time given to the blog owner/ editor and lose respect if they do not allow submissions. Moreover, if they don't allow music submission, you'll waste your own time and if you're never featured on the blog, you will have no idea why.

2. Establish a close relationship with the owners and publishers

Creating genuine relationships with owners/editors of music blogs would place you ahead of most people who come in regular contact with them. They are going to want to help you succeed.

3. Send Exclusive, Unreleased: Music, Video, and Photos

You should consider uploading songs, videos, and images of exclusive, unreleased material. That helps stay unique in the music blog and get more viewers. Thanks to your writing, the more views and exposure the music blog receives, the happier and the more likely it is for the owners/editors to welcome you returning on the web.

4. Promote your music posting

The more your music submission article is shared, the more likely it will be that the owner/editors may choose to advertise your music on their platform in the future. The more views the blogs are receiving, the more famous they are.

5. Measure your performance

Measuring the performance and outcome after getting your song promoted on a music blog is critical.This makes a "Return on Investment" (ROI) estimate. The ROI equation looks like this to keep it simple: Results – (Money + Time + Effort)= ROI. A positive ROI is the target, but there are cases in which even a split or even negative ROI is good.

Getting featured on music blogs will boost your credibility, optimize your online presence, get your music in front of new fans, and help build your music career.


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