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Posted by Johny Dean on April 21st, 2013

Most taxi business owners see their services as "just another taxi company", and here is the root of all their problems. You cannot make money and be successful, if you are "just another taxi company." If you want to have more success than an average taxi owner, you have to stop being one of them. How do you do that? The answer is by making a difference. You look at what other people do in their business and do exactly the opposite. If you want to have a taxi company Wimborne residents appreciate, you should follow a set of rules and principles.

Most taxis Wimborne has, guide by the principle “one size fits all” services for all its clients. The owner fails to see and understand that he has several different groups of consumers and that each of them has different needs. Therefore, these clients need to be spoken to, attracted and served differently. In most cases when the taxi company Wimborne owner does not understand this, he advertises reduced price (because that's all he knows) and attracts customers who want a low price.

The problem with customers who only hunt low prices is that they are never loyal to your company. They are only loyal to low prices. As soon as your competitor offers a lower price than yours, they run to the other taxi company and you've lost a customer. If you want to attract low prices hunters, then you should advertise low prices. But if you want to attract people who are willing to pay for the service they receive (so that you can make money), do not advertise price.

But what should you advertise then? Well, that depends on the type of client. Customers of taxis Wimborne can be divided into several groups. Wealthy clients want experience and exclusivity, the best cars, the best drivers (whom they want to have a conversation with or do not want to speak at all), facilities in the car, guarantee of arriving in time. These clients do not care about price. Sure, if you're "just another taxi company," they will negotiate the price and will require a deal. If they are doing this, it means that you failed to provide an experience for which they would gladly pay more. In this case, chances are you do not do anything of what I just described.

Another type of clients is represented by those who make frequent business trips. Since they travel a lot, they really appreciate their time. For them the decisive factor in choosing their transport provider is predictability. Their trip is usually paid through an expense account and if you do things right, they will have no problem with paying a premium price for the service of taxis Wimborne.

Commuters using trains represent another category of taxi clients. They do not really care about cars and / or drivers. They just want you to be there on time and take them to the train station. Local walks are taken by people who can afford their own car, but choose not to have one or by clients that cannot afford their own car. Usually, they are very sensitive to price and are not faithful clients.

If you need the most reliable taxi company Wimborne has, choose carefully the one that fits your needs better. The taxis Wimborne provides are of a lot of different categories so you have a lot of options to choose from.

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