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Boost Productivity via Ergonomically Designed Office Furniture in Melbourne

Posted by Momentumoffice12 on July 15th, 2020

Working at an average of 8-hours a day, a normal office goer spends one-third of his life at his workspace. Hence, a little discomfort in seating could not only affect health but also affect overall productivity. Scientifically designed ergonomic office furniture is an ultimate remedy to this situation as it reduces muscular stress and boosts productivity. Evidently, your staff remains focused more on the job than the pain and discomfort. The same holds for boardroom furniture as well.

Art of Productivity Boost 

Long sitting hours in the office is a reality of the modern workspace. If your Melbourne office furniture has a scientific design, you can improve work efficiency significantly. Your workforce will not get distracted either by challenges like overheating, height adjustment, reclining, and mobility. Here are some of the points to keep in mind while buying office or boardroom furniture in Melbourne.

1. Posture and Productivity

Every human is unique, not just in terms of look but also frame-wise. This diversity is the biggest challenge in creating a universally perfect chair for all. So, a chair designed ergonomically to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes is an absolute must of comfortable workspace. Be it standard desk height of 29-inches or 27-inches, your chair must be flexible enough to permit height adjustment for people of all heights. 

Ideally, your armrest should be parallel to desk height for comfortable and stress-free work of writing or typing. If keyboard engagement is high, you should look for a desk with a keyboard drawer.

2. Adjustable to your height and eyes

Similarly, good Melbourne office furniture design should ensure 90-degree angle spacing with an easy footrest option. The core idea is to have natural blood circulation to have minimum possible muscular fatigue. Flexibility to adjust the height as per an individual’s requirement helps in boosting productivity.   

If your team works on the monitor for long hours, ideally eyes should be parallel to two-third of the computer screen. So, your chair should give the person the flexibility to adjust the height for the right eye position.

3. Office Furniture to Boost Healthy Habits

Studies suggest that standing while working is good for health as well as productivity. So, your office must have an alternative option to allow employees to do tasks in a standing position. Apart from better concentration, it helps in relieving the muscular stress induced due to long sitting hours. If a productivity boost is a priority, then you should look for office and boardroom furniture Melbourne that offers you easy standing options.

4. Easy Accessibility

The flexibility in accessing documents and other accessories makes a huge difference in comfort level. Wheel enabled easy mobility with rotation options makes accessibility easy and simple. Apart from chair flexibility, the office cabinet should be multifunctional and positioned at the right height to avoid unnecessary bending.

In any case, the quality of office furniture Melbourne should be your top priority, as a little compromise could create unnecessary maintenance load.

Summary: The ergonomically designed boardroom and office furniture in Melbourne takes care of human dynamics, offers mobility and makes adjustments as per the user’s body needs. While you make your employee’s life comfortable and easier, you will not have to do anything else to boost productivity. 

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Nationwide vendor of quality office furnishings including Desks, Office Chairs, Conference Tables, Cubicles and more!

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