How Do Tubular Radiators Work?

Posted by johnallanes on April 22nd, 2013

The usages of Tubular radiators started in the year 1930.They aregreen heat exchangers, which save on power and pollution.In the face ofever growing need of power saving, environment friendly solutions, and cost effectiveness, these serve as a pioneer solution. Heat exchangers are devices used to facilitate the heat transfer between varying temperature surfaces.

Thesecan be used to style one's home, combining looks and warmth in one ultra modern product; these are contemporary, elegant and stylish. Tubular radiators work on the principle of heat convection and radiation, i.e. the energy flows from a higher temperature to lower temperature, using air as a medium, manufactured with high precision to appearance - a key feature of the tubular radiators is the perfectly homogeneous lustrous finish without any traces of weld joints, these consist of heating elements which are insulated in highly finished vertical or horizontal tubes, depending on the user customization and finished look of the heater, the conversion of energy takes place from electrical energy to heat energy through the heated element; the heat produced from the element is exchanged with the surroundings causing heat equilibrium.

Hence heating the desired area, the range of working temperature is from 5°C to 30°C, the energy ratings are from 35 watts -65 watts per foot, available at a very economical price, with the use of modern technology, heating elements are able to produce high heat output, at a low rate of heat rejection, causing optimum heating at a very economical cost, the design and the shape of heating elements are proportional to the heat generated, the main advantage of these radiators is these are not hydrocarbon fuel fired, and only use electricity as a power source.

This is a cost effective, green method of producing heat energy to warm the surroundings of one's home, office or laboratory. These are low maintenance and easy to clean. All you need is a brush with a handle to clean between the bars. They are getting popular in de mystifying solutions, green house solutions and zoo- logical gardens.The upcoming demand of these radiators will make this segment of products stand as fast moving product in the near future.

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