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Getting Magnetic Toys And Pedal Planes At Online Toy Stores

Posted by toysofendearment on April 23rd, 2013

One of the many joys of childhood is all the memorable toys we play with.  From building blocks to pedal planes and cars, there were so many wonderful things to play with.  It can be hard to find some of these things for our own children to play with.  It seems like the toy stores today are all filled with plastic junk that does nothing for the imagination.

Playing with toys like pedal planes made you feel like you were really flying.  It stretched the limits of every child’s imagination.  It put the child in control of their own world and took them on new adventures over and over again.  It also encouraged kids to play outside, as if they needed any encouragement.  Playing outside was an everyday activity.

There were a lot of toys that were played with outside.  Not only did children play with ride on toys outside, but they also brought some of their other favorite toys into the sun.  Remember the magnetic toys that had a small metal marble that had to be taken through a maze?  They came with a pen with a magnet on the end. 

Children could play with those magnetic toys for literally hours.  It was exciting to get the marble a little farther than last time.  Each time the marble fell off of the pen, it issued another challenge to the child to keep at it.  It taught them to never give up when you have difficulty reaching your goal.

To find the treasured toys of yesteryear, many people have to resort to online toy stores.  These stores carry many of the tried and true classics of childhood.  They also carry some new classics like the giant wooden cubes that have a different activity on each side.  Those can keep children entertained for so long because they are so fun to play with.

Many of the online toy stores have the ability to be very choosy about the products they carry.  Some only carry toys that are hand made or made in the United States.  They have the option to pick and choose the manufacturers that they carry.  They can focus on quality over quantity.

They can carry smaller quantities of products without it diminishing the physical appearance of the store.  Online toy stores often carry niche toys. That is to say they carry toys that fit into a specific category.  In this case, they may carry toys like you used to play with when you were a kid.

Next time you want to buy a toy for your child, you can jump into your pedal plane and fly back to your childhood.  Remember the toys that made you happiest when you were little?  Kids may be more advanced in today’s world but they will still love the tried and true classics from your own childhood.

Toys of Endearment is an online toy store that specializes in educational toys for children.  They offer a wide variety of sensory toys, most of which are hand made in the United States.

About Us:  The remarkable toys they offer are very hands on.  There are no video games here!  Their toys enrich your children’s mind as they grow.

To see their amazing line of toys, visit them online at

Contact us: Toys Of Endearment

Jazz Drive, Maple, Ontario

Canada, L6A 4S4

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