ACH payment processing

Posted by tedmark on April 23rd, 2013

Do you want an efficient and accurate Online credit card processing? The solution to your problem has a name: PayZang! We will offer you quality services so that your transfers will be secure. Whether you own a small or a large business, with the help of ACH payment processing you will be able to send and collect payment anytime you want, anywhere you are, through any device, be it mobile or PC.

Customer can visit the site where the bills are anytime and decide when and what bills he will pay through a single click, and PayZang will provide the transfer of funds between the account of the bill and the biller’s account. ACH payment processing can be of two kinds - debit and credit. A debit transaction is issued by an initiator to a receiver from which funds are taken, namely the receiver’s account is debited for the originator's account, while a credit transaction produces the opposite effect - the receiver’s account is credited from the initiator’s account.

Online credit card processing can ease the methods of payment, eliminating the errors that can appear if the payments are done manually. The transactions you will make will be approved in less than 2 seconds. We offer you a pay-as-you-go model without any monthly fees to pay. If you choose our Online credit card processing, you will be informed in real time about the transactions done. Moreover, you will find that our processing solutions are easy to install and maintain.

Through the ACH payment processing, you can save money, now that many companies charge fees to process credit cards. In addition, ACH payments are more secure than credit cards. Because it does not offer you real-time information, you will probably want something better. And we can help you with that, as well. Choose Virtual Check and you will have the option to refund the money, whereas with ACH the money is automatically returned to the customer.

Payment instruments with remote access is a tool that allows the holder to have access to funds held in the account, through which he may make payments to a beneficiary or other type of funds transfer operations and which usually require a name user and a password. Besides funds transfer operations, the holder may carry and exchange operations, he can make deposits and obtain information on the status of accounts and the operations performed. All transactions are received by the bank in a communication server and processed through a proprietary technology to verify the authenticity of the payment message, before being passed in its computer system.

Choose PayZang if you want to make payments in a simple and secure way. Our services incorporate deposit services, transaction initiation, remote deposit capture, online credit or debit card processing, ACH options and multi-channel payment processing. What sets us apart from others can be expressed in presenting the two important features that are very popular nowadays, namely Mobile applications and our pay-as-you-go model.

Choose an Online credit card processing that offers you security and which you can use in a safe way. PayZang offers you ACH payment processing for your business to run smoothly.

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