Hens Night- Dos and Don'ts

Posted by johnallanes on April 24th, 2013

Also known as the bachelorette party, Hens night is a merriment planned for a bride to be. Since she is the center of all the attention and activities, everything should be carefully planned to make it memorable for her. There are certain things that one should be careful about while planning for a Hens party. When you prepare the guest list make sure it does not contain any name that the bride to be would like to avoid. A good idea would be to run the guest list through her to avoid any awkward situations. Ensure that the party is according to her preferences and style.

Discuss any specific details with her before confirming it to others. All the finances should be planned and collected discreetly. The bride to be should not be asked to pay for anything because it's a party organized for her. It should be planned well in advance but not too close to the wedding date. Choose a place that every one in the group would enjoy.For example, if you have friends who like to dance and make a lot of noise and there are some elderly people also invited to the bash then select a place, which has both a lounging area and a dance floor. Just in case there are guests from different age groups make sure that the entertainment is not distasteful in any way. The activities and pranks should not be aimed at discomforting anyone, especially the bride to be.

The idea of Hens party is to have a great time and that should be on everyone's agenda. If you have thought of a memento for the occasion ensure no one is left out. Sometimes it is possible that the bride to be knows everyone who is invited but the guests might not be known to each other. It is a good idea to encourage guests to mingle with each other and create a happy party atmosphere rather than partying in different groups. A good idea to maintain camaraderie in the party is to organize games, which require participation from everyone present. Following these tips will guarantee that your Hens night is a roaring success and held as a benchmark for many parties after it!

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