Popular Themes For The Hens Night

Posted by johnallanes on April 24th, 2013

Close women friends and family of the bride,organize and celebrate Hens night. As the bride to be gets ready to say goodbye to her single status and say hello to being married her friends plan a Hens party for thrills and entertainment. The bride to be is encouraged to let loose her guard and enjoy herself to the hilt.

This night is, touted to be the best night ever before she gets married, for the bride to be. Hens night always makes for a memorable flashback and a part of those memories are the funky themes and costumes. Their are various popular themes you can choose from, like school girl, playboy bunnies, super girl, favorite band, cowboys, Vegas show girls, Gangstersetc. Whatever theme you choose, remember it is supposed to be a night of entertainment and being happy and it should not cause embarrassment or discomfort to anyone. If you choose a schoolgirl theme everyone can dress as schoolgirls.

There are a variety of beautiful and unique school dresses to add spunk to the Partymood. For the Gangster theme one can have an array of styles to choose from. You can wear pants, jackets, and hot pants. Another popular theme is monochromatic color scheme where the bride wears white and the rest of the guests wear black. This also gives you a lot of freedom of choice. Depending upon your age group and friends, choose something that everyone will enjoy. All you need is creativity and the Hens party will rock! Cops and robbers is another popular choice. You can decide in advance, who is going to be a cop and who is going to play robber. You can center the games and activities around your theme as well.

Music always plays a major role in the success of any party. So why should it be different for this one. Select your music in advance .You can select the bride's favorite song to be played, which would definitely make for a wonderful remembrance of the night toher. Photographs make beautiful memories. Just make sure to click enough to include everyone and maybe all of you can once again get together in another place, another time and relive these moments.

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