2 benefits of buying wholesale stainless steel jewelry

Posted by johnssmith00 on April 25th, 2013

When it comes to fashion, there is one item that is a “must-have” no matter the season or the trend. We are talking, of course, about jewelry. Since ancient times, these eye-catching pieces have been a symbol of power, wealth and social status for those who are part of the upper class. However, not everybody can afford gold, silver or platinum, and this has lead designers and artisans to find a least expensive material from which products for the general public can be made. This is how the concept behind stainless steel jewelry started, and thank God it did, as it has managed to put a smile on the face of people who want to stay fashionable but cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars on accessories. In addition to that, shop owners who really wanted to improve their profits were given the possibility to purchase wholesale stainless steel jewelry.

Here two good reasons why they make a good purchase for anyone:

They look and stay great!

This type of jewelry is special because it is manufactured out of Stainless steel or inox steel, an alloy which does not corrode, rust or stain. This means you will have durable pieces of jewelry which will look exactly like those made out precious metals. Unlike other inexpensive metals, inox cannot be scratched easily or get dented; meaning your pieces of jewelry will stay beautiful and look brand new for a long period of time. Because the material used is so resistant, the jewelry can be worn daily and does not require sophisticated maintenance.  Stainless steel accessories come in all shapes and sizes can be decorated with semi-precious stones. Because there are so many skilled manufactures, nowadays’ market offers jewelry shop owners and gift shop owners the possibility to buy mass-produce or unique stainless steel earrings, necklaces, bracelets for both men and women.

They are affordable!

Even though this type of alloy was firs use to create a cheaper alternative to expensive jewelry, some big name designers may choose inox accessories in their collections to make a statement (tasteful fashion items can come at affordable prices) or to simply reduce production costs. Those people who are in the jewelry business have the possibility of buying such products in wholesale, meaning they will get a lower price for each item bough if they purchase a higher number of products. They can later add 20%, 30% or up 100% to the price, depending on the commercial laws existing in the area where the jewelry will be sold. No matter how much they decide to add, the profit will exist, as stainless steel is one of the most purchased metals on the market today. However, if you are a shop owner you should bare in mind that this type of jewelry is known to be affordable for almost any budget, so make sure you are not too greedy when you are setting the price, as you might loose your customers.

If you are the type of person who wants to purchase wholesale stainless steel jewelry at a good price, you are in the right place. Visit our website and check out the wide range of products we have to offer. We cater to needs of all customers, from artisans who are looking to buy wholesale silver beads for their hand-made products, to piercing-saloon owners in need of body jewelry.

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