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Posted by Tailoredsuitparis on April 25th, 2013

Suits are the formal attires which give an elegant appeal to the wearer. Among the many developments that have happened in the fashion industry, the popularity of custom made suits have been a pivotal one. Custom made suits readily fits a person’s size and gives the perfect dandy look expected to be pulled off in a suit. It is necessary to stitch a well tailored suit to get the best dressed up look.

Custom made suits have the best fittings. The person wearing it doesn’t need to bother about the accuracy of the length of sleeves or coat which would unfailingly be of his measurements. Custom made suits are stitched according to the measurement of given by the customer and not the regular readymade sizes. The finished product perfectly suits the customer for which a custom suit is made. These suits are comfortable to wear and give the wearer the much needed confidence which usually comes from wearing suits.

These days’ suits are no longer just stitched at the tailor’s shop. Fashion industry has swiftly moved onto the virtual medium like most of the other things. Custom made suits can be ordered through the internet, as well. There are numerous websites where customers can order for a suit. They can give their measurement; select the fabric material and also the design of the suit. The websites have the finest collection of different fabric of all colours and texture. These clothing websites also have fashion experts and competent tailors who can stitch suits of different design giving minute attention to stitching of collars, buttonholes, sleeves which are also handing stitched if preferred. Customers can choose from numerous custom suit designs available in the website’s catalogue including the choice of fabric and thread. One simply needs to fill in the details of their measurement along with the other necessary preference in the website and get their custom suit delivered at their door steps.

There is a range of designs available for both men and women. Customer can choose designs like the classic working cui tot the stylish three piece suit. Women can also choose between popular designs like classic white suit, brown southern style suit, blue, navy suit among several other designs. There are different price ranges are the various designs. Customers can set their preference according to their budget allocation. These online websites are totally reliable, and customers can be sure of complete transparency of trade.

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Matt Salignac has been in the textile business over 12 years. He owned the textile company-Tailored Suits Paris. His company is located in Europe and it’s headquartering in Asia. All his garments are designed in France. He used fabrics that are made of Italian wool, cashmere wool for suits and Coats and fine Oxford/Luxury Egyptian cotton for the shirts. His aim is to focus on providing only high quality fabrics which are renowned to be more durable, comfortable and maintain their integrity after many years of wearing them.

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