Notary Bonds and Supplies in Michigan

Posted by Notarybonding on April 25th, 2013

On taking over the office of a notary, notary public bonds and supplies, become essential requirements, to perform the duties of a notary officer. There is many website from where the notary bonds and supplies can be ordered. Most websites offer different packages and discounts. To, place an order; the notary officer should mail to the website the certificate of authorization issued by the office of Secretary.

There are different notary bond packages for Michigan starting from $44.90. The bond package includes a $10000 notary public 6-7 year bond. The package also includes a rectangular rubber expiration date stamp which comes for free. The expensive bonds come with more benefits than the low denomination ones. A moderate notary bond package includes $10000 notary public bond, $10000 omissions and errors 6-7 year policy. There is also a free self inking rectangular, expiration date stamp with the bond package. The middle value bond package has $10,000 notary bond and a $20,000 omissions and error policy for 6-7 years and provides free self inking stamp. The most expensive notary bond package may cost you more than $100 which includes $10,000 notary bond, $35,000 omissions and error policy, free self inking stamp. A free notary static window decal is included in all the bond packages.

Along with notary bond, notary supplies are equally essential. A Michigan notary supply usually requires date stamp, seal embosser, public journal, etc. The notary supplies can be purchased in a bundle. There are low prices notary equipment bundle which is cost $70.95. In this bundle, there is a rubber rectangular commission expiration date stamp, Michigan notary impression seal embosser, a notarization book and Official Notary Public journal. A slightly high priced bundle at $90.95 includes self inking date stamp and leather zipper pouch along with the usual contents which includes the seal embosser, journal and handbook. Other more costly package includes Notary Tips book and Michigan Notary Law Primer, Instruction kit, Legal forms set. There are different kinds of seal embosser, which can be ordered. The Michigan Notary Impression seal embosser comes in brass finish, chrome plated and brass/ black matte. The seal stamps, date stamp, seal impression inker also comes in a different material and can be ordered accordingly.

To know more about the notary bonds and supplies in Michigan, you can check out the authentic websites that not only provide information and discounted packages, but also help in the application process, to become a notary.

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