Notary Public and Its Renewal

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Notary public is the legal officer of the state bound by law. The person is entrusted with the duty of authenticating documents, deeds, deals, partnership bonds, affidavit and all such things. This is an pivotal role that the notary publics in USA play and they are rewarded with great fee and respect that may not be possible for any other professional to get.

Notary public tenure

The tenure for the notary public in a state depends on its law. While, in some cases, it is 3 years, at tandem, in some cases it is 10 years. In Hawaii, the tenure is for 4 years while in Connecticut, it is 5 years. On the other hand, the tenure is 10 years in Arkansas. If you are a notary aspirant, you require checking with your state for tenure and eligibility criteria.

Why is renewal required?

By the law of USA, a notary public can retain his commission only during the period of his tenure, and during this tenure he requires to hold a public bond, specified by the authority. The tenure and the bond expire simultaneously in most of the states, and to go on performing the duty of the notary public, the person requires extending his tenure. This can be done only through timely notary renewal.

Renewal process of a notary public

The renewal process for a notary commission differs from one state to another, but the extension of tenure is always according to the general tenure rule. In some states where fresh notaries require to take an exam (whether online or written), the renewal notaries may be exempted from the test at the time of renewal. However, this is not a general rule and exceptions are there. The application form for the renewal and new notaries may be different, and the fee structure may be also separate.

The only thing that is similar for the renewal and new notaries in all state are the package. The notaries require to purchase their notary supply package in the beginning of the tenure. The inclusion of mandatory supplies is standard for both cases. They will receive the same discount, as and when applicable. The stamps and seals have to be authorized in the same manner in order to make the notary perform his duty.

It is necessary to know the steps of renewal for your respective states, and that is the reason why you should check websites helping notaries for a long time. Renew through one such website, and make the process hassle-free.

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