Handy Hints For Window Cleaning

Posted by johnallanes on April 26th, 2013

Everybody wants a clean house and windows are an integral part of a house. One cannot have a completely clean house unless one cleans the windows as well. Streak free windows add elegance to the whole look of your house. There are many ways to clean your windows and keep them streak free. Many people use paper towels and cloth to clean their windows without realizing that paper towels leave tiny particle as residue which streak the windows and using a cloth leaves lint. The trick is to use coffee filters. They are super absorbent and there is no residue of any kind. It is also important to use right kind of equipment while cleaning the windows of your house.

This is no heavy-dutyequipment, but just the regular stuff for window Cleaning Christchurch residents usually use.The equipment typically used is a scrubber and a squeegee. A scrubber is used along with a soap solution to loosen the gathered dust and stains. The way to work is use the scrubber along with the cleaning solution and wipe with squeegee and then rub them dry. To ensure ultra clean windows, a perfect combination of equipment and technique is required. When using a squeegee remember to use vertical strokes while cleaning outside and horizontal when you clean from inside. The kind of window cleaner you are using also makes a difference in the overall quality of window cleaning.

There are many products for window Cleaning Christchurch hardware stores sell. You should keep in mind the type of windows you have. Some households prefer to have vinyl glass windows and others have tinted glass or plain glass. The composition of each type is different; hence it requires different type of cleaning agents. Vinyl windows can also get scratches more easily than glass windows. So one has to be careful about the final drying so as not to scratch the surface. On the other hand if you use a strong cleaning agent on tinted windows there are chances that the tint might loose its effect.

If you do not wish to use the readymade cleaner, you can always make one at home by using the regular dish wash soaps along with water. Usage of ammonia and vinegar is not recommended for tinted windows.Follow these handy hints and get glinting and glossy windows and feel the pride each time you look at your house.

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