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The Ultimate Guide to Email Hosting: Find Best Email Host & Setup Your Email Acc

Posted by JSTEWART751 on July 16th, 2020

For the layman, email is usually associated with major providers such as Google or Yahoo since it is free and virtually limitless in terms of storage.

However, businesses often have different requirements and it is generally a good idea to look towards business email hosting service.

While there are free versions available with many companies that are hosting many businesses take advantage of the flexibility and power of professional email services. Professional email hosting usually involves emails being managed by a separate or mail server that is dedicated.

How Email that is hosted Works

What is an Email Hosting?

The basics of business email hosting aren’t very complex although it’s not a topic on the tip of the average Joe’s tongue. Email hosting is in fact a very term that is generic simply indicates what service hosts your emails. Gmail, for example, can also be considered as email hosting.

However, within the scope of this article we are going to assume that you are looking at hosting your own email accounts. This means they are managed to where they are stored that you will have full control over your emails, from creating addresses and setting up how.

When an email is sent to you it contains various details including your email address. Based on that address, the mail is then sent to a storage space that it is set up to go to. Once it is there you can open and read it at any right time of your choosing.

If you have bought any web hosting package it is usually very likely that the email hosting service is included in your hosting package. Then you will need to look for email hosting packages in order to use custom domains for your email if you haven’t.

A custom email address shall look something like this:

Three Ways to Host Your Business Emails

1. Bundled

Bundled email hosting is when you get email hosting that comes along with (hence the term ‘bundled’) your web hosting account. Depending on your needs, this can turn out to be very helpful since you won’t need to manage your emails on an account that is separate pay extra for email hosting.

However, bundled email hosting is often limited in space by the capacity that is overall of web hosting account. Most bundles allocate a single amount of space that is shared between your email and web hosting. Aside from space, you are also sharing the amount of bandwidth allocated to your account.



  • Limited features and storage
  • Not for big enterprises

 Best bundled hosting service? Some examples of good bundled email hosting are the Business Hosting plans from In Motion Hosting and TMD Hosting.

2. Dedicated Email Hosting

If you need email hosting for more accounts or are looking for enhanced email-related features, dedicated email hosting might be the solution for you. Dedicated email hosting doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have an entire mail server for your own use, but it means the account if focused on handling email only.

You will get a set amount of bandwidth and space for your account that is separate from your web hosting. Many dedicated email hosts also provide advanced features such as extra protection, automated smartphone synchronization and the like. The downside is that you shall need to pay extra for your email as compared to a bundled plan.



  • Higher cost compare to Bundled option

 Best dedicated email hosting service? Not all web hosting companies offer dedicated plans for email hosting, but as an example, clear examples of good dedicated email hosting service can be found at The email shop Hosting and Liquid Web

3. Enterprise solutions (SaaS)

There are service providers such as Google and Microsoft who have email solutions that are hosting as G Suite and Microsoft 365 Business. These are dedicated email services which are easy to use and powerful but need to be managed separately from your hosting even if they can use your custom domain name.

The downside of this is that the services may end up costing a fair bit as your staff count increases. As an example, G Suite may only cost .40 for a plan that is basic but that is the price to pay per user per month.


  • Easy to setup
  • Powerful features
  • Host multiple email that is small at one price
  • cheap email hosting


  • Extra work that is administrative
  • Expensive – additional cost for extra email accounts.
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