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Characteristics Of Sahiwal Cows

Posted by admin2589 on July 16th, 2020

The Sahiwal came from the Punjab district on the Indian-Pakistani frontier. Skilled herdsmen were known as "Jungles" once kept them in big groups. After the irrigation systems were introduced in the area, the farmers started to retain them as a draft and dairy cattle in smaller numbers.

Sahiwal nowadays is one of India’s and Pakistan's finest dairy breeds. There are numerous Sahiwal suppliers in Haryana, India. They have been traded internationally in Asia and also to Africa and the Caribbean because of their high-temperature resistance and higher milk supply.

In the 1950s, the Sahiwal was shipped to Australia through New Guinea. The Sahiwal was first chosen as a double-purpose breed in Australia. The Australian Milking Zebu and Australian Friesian Sahiwal have played a very important part in establishing all Australian native dairy species.

In Australia, Sahiwals are mainly used as beef production carcasses with suitable fat cover for crossing high-quality Sahiwal offspring with Bos taurus cattle.


Sahiwal is one of the most popular endangered cow breeds in the farmers\' field. The explanation of Sahiwal \'s popularity is the huge amount of milk production and fertility comparatively more than other cow breeds. In addition, the milk provides more fat than other foreign cow breeds which is quite good.

Their colour, with different proportions of white on the neck and the underline, can vary widely from reddish-brown to mostly Red. In males, the color of the ends such as eyes, legs, and tail are darkened.

This breed is tick-resistant, heat-tolerant and is extremely immune to internal and external worms. The average milk content in cattle during lactation is 2270 kgs, and when feeding a calf the yield was much higher.

The Sahiwal is the largest livestock of all Zebu races and has a well-designed udder. The Sahiwals have the potential to sire small, fast-growing calves in adverse climatic conditions and are notable for their toughness.

High Nutritional Value Of Milk-
Sahiwal's milk comprises 5 to 6% fat, while other races only have 3% fat. There are 3 types of protein in Sahiwal's milk-alpha, beta, and globin. The A1 and A2 allele are beta proteins. Also, in Sahiwal A2 was found, a proline found in the milk of other species, rather than histidine protein. Since Sahiwal's milk is a blessing to mankind, it can help cure many diseases, such as cholesterol, diabetes, and heart attacks, because of this extra allele. And it is because of this that Sahiwal suppliers in Haryana face so much demand for the breed.

Some other mentionable characteristics are:

  • In pasture areas, they are vulnerable to tick-borne illness, which can be managed once a week with acaricides by dipping and spraying bovines.
  • Deworming three months or every time required can help to manage internal parasites depending on the helminth fecal egg count.
  • Regular vaccination can avoid infections, such as foot and mouth, anthrax, lumpy skin, and eastern fever.
  • The milk is ideal for the cure of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Sahiwal is regarded as one of India's most popular milk cattle. Karnal National Dairy Research Institute in Haryana holds a huge number of sahiwal cows. In Punjab and Rajasthan, there are several gaushalas that sustain Sahiwal cows.

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