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For our concerns here, a God must have these traits

Posted by umar123 on July 16th, 2020

The Lord results of the current prepared religions match, in general, through this definition. So for instance a Lord that exists as a spiritual being, outside time and place, offering us salvation through acceptance, and hearing and addressing our prayers, aka a Lord such as for instance a Christian Lord, fits.

But that would maybe not be the only real conceptualizations that fit. Consider, within this is, Lord could be messages carried across time from advanced humans one hundred thousand decades in the future. These advanced people transfer these messages to selected persons, in a superior but hidden manner. Good These getting people choose they've acquired communications from God.

So how exactly does that suit this is? We certainly might suppose humans countless tens of thousands of years as time goes by might have greatly superior intelligence. And to their education that society can send information across time, then that society has utilized a time-space actuality external any we currently may access.

Why wouldn't future civilization just tell us who they're? Great question, but circular time paradoxes may require intense subtlety by future civilizations in sending messages backward. Is time concept journey a realistic possibility? The quantum earth has and continues to show it self as unusual place, therefore information move across time wouldn't be outlandish. Why do they try this? Since the near future society knows circular causality and giving right back communications sparks superior human advancement.

Is that method of Lord also unconventional? You can forget therefore than the particular system of the Christian God.

Let us take another example. Lord could be a mathematical model determined and set in movement by an advanced extra-terrestrial society, or consciousness present in alternate dimensions or made up of change matter.

That case, though on the side of feasibility, has threads in science fiction. As an example, the Base collection, by Isaac Asimov, develops on this type of mathematical model named psychohistory, a postulated socio-psychological research that will anticipate the great attract of social advancement. Research fiction is merely that fiction, but research fiction (at least in case of what I will label as hard technology fiction) typically includes adequate plausibility for the reader to assess it could happen.

But has technology, and reasoning, and human rationality, found Lord perhaps not to become a supportable concept. Do we need Lord at all as the foundation for living? Does not Lord only add baggage?

I'd like to go back to the Asimov basis series. Our God principle based on that collection would require an intelligence remarkable enough to anticipate the future. Let us postulate this remarkable intelligence, in time rounds as yet not known to mankind, operates to primary mankind through small interventions. That intelligence, the same as in the Foundation series, might even use standard religion as an advanced stage, very nearly a subterfuge in the grander scheme. That is crucial - our recent spiritual conception of Lord might be a incomplete, standard, or even just diversionary step by the specific god.

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