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Getting your Marriage Attestation done smoothly through experts

Posted by evataylor021 on July 16th, 2020

Your marriage certificate is documented proof of your marriage. Photographs and videos are also acceptable proof of your wedding, but for official purposes, you need to submit your marriage certificate, or else your marriage is not accepted as legal.

One of the important areas where the marriage certificate comes into play is when you need to apply for your visa to relocate to another country. Or, when your spouse needs to move to another country where you are currently residing, working, or studying.

When you are planning to move across the international borders, it is mandatorily required to carry out an essential process – called marriage attestation. The entire process around attestation of your marriage certificate is an effort to prove that the details mentioned on the certificate are valid and legal. The attestation of the document is a piece of evidence that is required to be submitted by you when applying for a visa.

The process of marriage certificate attestation in Dubai is as below.

1. The first step in the process is having the details verified and attested by the local notary office. Here, the details are cross-checked, and the document is signed and stamped by the local notary officer.

2. Next, the certificate is submitted at the State Home Department or the SDM’s office for attestation.

3. The third step in the process involves submitting the document with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and getting it the formal attestation from the central government.

4. Lastly, the document needs to go to the concerned Embassy for final attestation.

What are the documents required for marriage certificate attestation?

1. Passport

2. Original marriage certificate

3. The copy of your visa

4. Passport size photos

5. An authorization letters

The marriage certificate is one of your important personal documents. The other such personal documents are your birth certificate, medical certificate, police verification certificate, employment certificate, divorce certificate, and so on. All these certificates need to be attested to when you are relocating internationally. For your personal documents, the process of attestation remains more or less the same.

As is evident the attestation procedure is quite long drawn. There is detailed paperwork required. All your documents need to be in proper order and shape. There are some original certificates too that need to be submitted. From one department to another, a series of steps need to be executed seamlessly and properly to ensure that the documents are attested without delay.

For many people, taking professional help proves to be a great source of peace of mind. If you hire the services of professional experts, you can truly relax and focus on other areas of work while the marriage certificate attestation is done by the proficient team. From the collection of your documents from your door to help with filing the application to ensuring that all the documents are organized to following up on your behalf at each government department to doing all the running around to get your marriage attestation done in a failsafe manner, it is better to speak to people who are experts at the job.


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