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Posted by johnallanes on April 29th, 2013

When it comes to cleaning your house, one of the most tiresome tasks is cleaning the windows. It is very important responsibility, as a cleaner community will lead to a Cleaner Christchurch. You can hire people, from any of the services for window cleaning Christchurch residents have been using for decades or you can also do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, beware of the cumbersome equipment and ropes and ladders. It is better to leave it to experts who know how to perform this job with utmost care and precautions. However, if you decide to do the window cleaning yourself these tips might be useful.

If you are attempting this for the first time, you can always pick up a ready to use solution for window Cleaning Christchurch supermarkets have on their shelves. These are eco friendly solutionscommitted to doing their bit for cleaner Christchurch. These solutions are pre mixed and come in various strengths, from mild to super strong. Depending upon the state of dirt on your windows you can choose any. Choose a cloudy day over a sunny day to clean your windows because warm rays of the sun, dry the cleaning solution very fast and the whole process takes much longer to complete. Use a dry cloth to dust of excess dirt from your windows because when too much dirt comes in contact with water or the cleaning solution, it usually turns into mud, making the windows all the more dirty.

After you have cleaned the excess dust from the windows, use a hosepipe to spray water on the windows. This will loosen the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the windows over a period of time. Remove the excess water with the help of a wiper. After all the excess water has been removed spray on the window cleaning solution. You could use a cloth to clean the windows or if you decide to use a squeegee make sure that you don't leave any unsightly streaks on the surface of your glass window. Using a squeegee requires a lot of practice; this is the reason most of the people use a combination of cotton towels and newspaper. Since newspaper is made from an absorbent paper it quickly dries the windows and does not leave any streaks and you have clean and shiny windows with a spotless finish.

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