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Posted by rima chauhan on July 16th, 2020

In terms of ergonomic view, it is indeed a challenge to set up an office to suit all types of employees withing the available resources is indeed a challenge. To provide comforts to any individual regardless of height, weight, body constitution, researchers have come up with several ergonomically designed adjustable furniture. One among such furniture is height adjustable table. A height adjustable table helps the user to work conveniently on the table without injuring nerves and muscles.

Basically, tables are designed with standard height, this will make the user uncomfortable for the reason, all individuals are not of same height. Some are tall while some are sort, when they use a standard table either the user must stretch or hunch to adjust to the table. This in long run will lead to several health issues because of wrong body posture, pinched nerves and muscles.

A height adjustable table is the best solution for this, it comes with adjusting options which enable the user to increase or decrease height based on the height of the individual using it. Some of the benefits of using a height adjustable table are below mentioned.

What are the Benefits of using height adjustable table?

A table which is incorporated with an extra feature that allows the user to increase or decrease the height of the table is called a height adjustable table. With this furniture you can eliminate several health issues.

You can adjust the position according to the height: When you work on an unsuitable height, you need to stretch your body, arms and shoulder. This will lead to shoulder pain, neck pain, wrist pain, spondylitis and many more.

It eliminates backaches: back aches owing to sitting in a wrong position are very common today, this is related to stress. You can create a standing work environment and switch between sit and stand position and even sit in different position to provide free movements to your legs and lower back.

Standing work environment: Several studies show that standing work environment brings a lot a benefit. With a standing desk, you can create a standing work environment and get benefited from it. Some of the benefits of standing work environment are:

  • Reduce upper back and neck pain by 54
  • less stress and fatigue
  • mood-boosting effects
  • Prevents weight gain
  • Lower risk of cardio vascular disease
  • Reduced blood sugar levels

If you are looking for height adjustable table or sit stand desk to add office furniture, there are several online suppliers available online. These tables are available in different sizes and vibrant colors to suit your office look.

Author Bio: Rima Chauhan is a good writer and a blogger; he has written many articles and blogs based on office furniture like height adjustable table that are incorporated with ergonomics.

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