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Is skateboarding a sports?

Posted by debinn on July 17th, 2020

It has been a long journey of skateboarding and has become popular enormously to the people. But it is a burning question that is it a sport or simply a hobby? The people who do not belong to skateboarding mostly confused about it. Encyclopaedia Britannica defines skateboarding as a sport. Olympic has also included skateboarding in their sports. Men and women can participate in Olympic in 2020. Many people consider skateboarding as their hobby indirectly and some of them take it professionally. I personally do not suggest it as a sport because it does need any team or a certain place. Here I will explain briefly why I do not consider it a sport.

Why skateboarding is not a sport? Riding skateboard is a physical activity and a creative outlet regardless of men or women. It is a form of entertainment and physical recreation. There is no limit no rules and regulation for it even no certain player. To play sports like football, cricket, baseball, basketball formally we need a certain team, players and a standard rule. On the other hand, skateboarding has no restrictions, no fixed structure and anyone can do this as a hobby or professionally. According to the definition of sport, skateboarding cannot be considered to the sport. I have tried to find the reason behind this and explained here step by step.

1.Score: Every sport has a scoring system and can be count by point or number by each of the players or teams. But there is no effective formula to count point or number at skateboarding. It has many kinds of performance styles and many tricks. There is not any proper way to measure skill test or performance level as a reason it is tough to consider skateboarding as a sport.

2. Does not have any nature: Skateboarding does not follow any single rule for the riders. There is not any definite rule for anyone. One can ride it in his own choice and its tricks of riding and style are updating very fast nowadays. There is not any authority or board for proper guidelines. You can play skateboarding with your friend for a contest. No limit exceeds the number of people to join. So, considering all this it cannot be explained as a sport.

3. Place: Does not need a specific playground or any certain place to play. A player can be suspended from the team if he does not obey the rules in international sports. But there is no rule at skateboarding and you can play it wherever you wish where you feel comfortable. Skateboarders use the public street for boarding, mostly you can see them in the city stairs, ledges, blocks, curves, etc.

4. Time duration: Skateboarding does not require any time duration. In popular sports like football, cricket, have a fixed time but you do not have any restrictions on time. For this argument, this cannot be considered as a sport.

5. Safety: For skateboarding, you need a much safety gear otherwise you will be badly injured. But there are no obligations whatever you wish you can wear. But for professional sports, you just need a formal uniform to play. So, for skateboarding, you should be conscious about safety because there is no exact safety gear officially.

6. Authority: There is no single authority for boarding and no official law for skateboarding. So, you can play it in your own personality in your own rule. No one can count your fault no one can give you punishment or take out of boarding.

7. Worldwide rank: Recently as one of the five new sports skateboarding acquired a place at Olympic sports in 2020 summer Olympic in Tokyo. At the first debut in Olympic, there were two section streets and parks where both men and women were included.  There was some effective rule for judges as a participant.

8. Competition: The competition of this game depends on perspective. You can prove yourself by joining a match with other skateboarders but do not have any effective way to prove tour skills. Only the way to proof is surpassing one another.

There is no clear answer about skateboarding is it sport or not. According to the definition of sport, it cannot be considered a sport. But it is a matter of perspective to the experts. Though it has included in Olympic 2020 there are more similar sports that are are not allowed officially. After all, from my personal opinion and research, I  define it as an outdoor sport.

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