Dog grooming in Stockport: two good reasons why you should do it

Posted by Johny Dean on May 2nd, 2013

Weather you own a cat, dog, parrot, guinea pig or turtle, taking care of your beloved pet is essential. If you want it to be happy and perfectly healthy, you must make sure it has everything it needs, as well as offer it a lot of care and attention. If you are dog owner, one of your main responsibilities is to groom your pet and keep it as clean as possible. This type of activity is important for both the health of the animal and of the owner, because a dirty dog can carry a lot of bacteria which is very dangerous for humans. There are some people who are perfectly comfortable with doing all the work themselves, but if you are not familiar with what this type of activity implies, it is advisable that you seek the help of specialist. People living in Stockport have the possibility of choosing from a significant number of dog grooming companies which operate locally, but our advice is that you stick to the ones which seem to be offering a friendly environment for your pet.

If you know the companies today’s market has to offer, but still are not convinced about weather your four-legged needs professional grooming, here are two good reasons why you should do it:

First of all, just like humans, dogs will need nail trimming once in while. Their nails grow exactly like ours and if they are left uncut, they can become very unconformable for your pet. Additionally, they can cause other serious conditions such as infections, if the dog scratches itself aggressively. Another good reason why you should have your pet’s nails cut is that you do not want it to be a treat to other dogs, children or adults. Think about it! Even if we are talking about a calm and friendly dog, if it jumps on your leg in playful manner, you are in for a seriously scratch. For those of you who are considering doing the trimming process yourself, we advise you to be very careful. Each nail starts with a blood vessel, called quick, so you should know exactly how much of the nail you can clip.

The second reason why you should have your dog groomed is to take proper care of its fur. If you want the fur to be in tip top condition, there are a few processes your pet should undergo on a regular basis. One of these is brushing, an activity which usually depends on the dog breed and on the length of its fur. Some dogs may require brushing two or three times a day, where as others may need it just once. Most dogs enjoy this being brushed because it is relaxing, and our advice is that you do it on a daily basis because it gives you the possibility to bond with your pet, but also to keep unwanted hair off your carpets. However, there are some hair-maintenance procedures which dogs hate, and which you will not be capable to accomplish by yourself, especially if you own a bigger dog. We are talking, of course, about the traumatizing bath-time. If you own a dog which hides under the bed just when he hears the sound of running water, the best thing to do is take him to a grooming saloon. The people who work there deal with such situations very often and know exactly what to do to convince your pet to get in the tub.

If you are tired of failing at giving your dog baths and the proper type of care it needs, we can help you! Hair of the Dog offers top quality service when it comes to dog grooming in Stockport and dog grooming in Brahma. Come visit our website and check out the gallery to see our satisfied four-legged customers. Our team of professional groomers is not afraid of challenges and will agree on taking care of dogs from any breed. See for yourself the friendly environment we have to offer for both you and your dog!

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