Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 76 )

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

?Good to see you again, Pandayji,? I replied as I seated myself across from him. I was anxious to ask him about his experiences in the meadow, but thought I?d wait a while. Over breakfast, we discussed my schedule for the week and agreed there would be enough free time to visit some interesting sites in the north, if I felt like it.Still not a word from him about last night, so I brought up the subject.Since I wasn?t sure whether the whole event was the result of my overactive imagination, I was rather cautious in my approach. ?I had some weird things happen last night, Pandayji,? I said.

He looked up immediately and said,?Yourroomwasn?t comfortable? I?ll speak with them.?

?No,not my room, Pandayji. Just some dreams I think,? I replied.

He creased his forehead, as if trying to recall, and said,?Now that I think of it,I, too, had some dreams in which you and Mardai, Jonathan and Malika were present. But I can?t remember anything else. Seems like others were there, too.?

?What others?? I asked, ?Gideon and Marla??

?I know them through your books, John, and yet, I?ve never personally met them. There?s a familiarity with the names, but really, I have no idea who else might have been in my dream. And even if I had met Gideon and Marla, I wouldn?t have known who they were.? He smiled and said that he had slept well and was sorry he couldn?t remember the rest of his dream. However, I knew he believed dreams were important and had a beneficial effect on our daily lives. Mardai was right, I thought.Pandayji forgot that he had met us last night. Then he asked me what my dream was about.

?Well,? I replied, ?I saw Mardai and the children. Gideon and Marla were there too, but the strangest thing was that you were there speaking with Gideon and Marla. To me, it was more than a dream, Pandayji. It was so real . . . as real as our sitting here right now. Perhaps, it wasn?t a dream at all. Perhaps, it really happened.?

?There are many mysteries on Earth, John,? he said, ?many dimensions to life. We probably exist in all these dimensions simultaneously. But I think we only remember them vaguely so that we don?t confuse them.?

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