Vinyl Stickers- A High Durability Sticker Option

Posted by johnallanes on May 4th, 2013

Vinyl stickers are considered to be the best option for a company that wants to advertise in a cost effective way. As they are waterproof stickers and have lively colors, they attract attention immediately and have a longer life than other stickers. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Easy to install, these are hot favorite with the advertisers.

These can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. These stickers can be tailored for messages, colors and designs and can be used for a variety of purposes. Stickers are normally pieces of paper, plastic, or a polymer substance, which are sticky on one side and have some design on the other.These are tools of visual communications, decoration and advertisement. These are put on normally bags, Tiffin boxes, walls and cars. Vinyl stickers are normally used outdoors and in moist conditions. The ability to retain the adhesive and not react with moisture makes them useful for many applications.

These are waterproof stickers and this makes them useful in applications like car bumpers, nameplates, household use and promotional activities. These are of many shapes, sizes and designs. Earlier stickers were made out of paper, plastics and tapes, but nowadays using vinyl as a base these stickers have become more durable and popular. These stickers are also used as photo reflective stickers, i.e. they reflect the light falling on their surfaces, and due to this phenomenon these have become widely popular in cars, trucks, buses and motor bikes, adding an extra safety advantage. In chemistry vinyl is a polymer of alkene functional groups, without the hydrogen atom, this property makes it robust and non-reactive to air and water.

This can be used to prepare and print stickers, as these are stable in reactions with ink and color chemicals. Stickers are prepared by printing the desired pattern/ color and design on one surface of vinyl paper. This printing can be done industrially or at home using an inkjet printer. The other surface has an adhesive applied on the other surface, which is preserved by butter paper, as butter paper does not react with the resins in the adhesives. Hence printing desired designs on this vinyl based sticker paper makes the sticker. These printed vinyl sheets can be cut according to the design and applied to areas where the stickers are to be applied as per the desired application. The main applications are households, gadgets and automobiles etc.

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