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Four Classifications Help You to Understand the Fishing Lure

Posted by leadingfishing on July 18th, 2020

Compared with the traditional fishing method, lure fishing method is more environmentally friendly, pollution-free, no need to nest, and easy to carry. It is a very healthy and elegant sport with the fisherman throwing and looping repeatedly. In recent years, more and more fishermen have played with Luya, so let's talk about the four detailed classification analysis of Luria lures, hoping to help you.

1、 Spinning

The spinning is called Luya's universal bait, which is similar to earthworm in hand. The pinning mainly rely on their own reflection to attract predatory fish. There are many kinds of pinning, which are specially introduced in my other experience. The operation method of pinning is also very simple. After throwing it out and sinking to the target swimming layer, the effect of even collection will be very good. When the fish is active, adding some stopping and variable speed manipulation can improve the effect. After throwing out the pinning, we wait for the pinning to fall to the bottom of the water. Once they fall to the bottom, we quickly tighten the wind line, pick up the pole, and let the pinning leave the bottom. Next, we will slow down the collection. At this time, we must pay attention to the Luria technique: do not let the pinning drag the bottom. Once we drag the bottom, we are extremely easy to hang bait, and there will be no good fish mouth.

2、 Vib

The advantage of using VIB for deep-water fishing is more obvious, because VIB is usually a double hook combination, which potentially increases the probability of our fish, especially when we encounter fish mouth in winter. The most important thing is to choose VIB. No matter what the price of your VIB, we choose VIB according to the following criteria: VIB can swim, vibrate or vibrate, or even make a sound when we slow down. While the double hook combination of VIB increases the probability of middle fish, the double hook also increases the probability of hanging the bottom. But as far as the effect is concerned, VIB will only be more efficient for mouth raising.

3、 Submerged pencil

Submerged pencil is a kind of bait which combines the advantages of pinning, VIB, iron plate, Mino and so on, but not many people choose to use it for fishing. The basic lurya technique for pencils is, puff. When twitching, the baits appear in a posture that is very similar to the swimming posture of a fish on the brink of death, which gives the most lethal temptation to the cocked mouth. When the pencil sinks naturally, it tends to appear the most natural stroke, swaying and sinking to the bottom, and the swaying sinking period is very long, long enough to make the beak attack. At this time, we need to pay attention to the cut-off. When our bait is not in the end, we should not continue to set out, or when we suddenly accelerate the setting out, we should close the wire cup and raise the rod to catch the fish.

4、 Soft bait

The temptation of soft bait is also fatal. From perch, mandarin fish, cocked mouth, catfish and black fish, it can tempt them to attack, and the biggest effect is to prevent hanging. When the underwater environment is complex and other hard baits are easy to hang on the bottom, don't use hard bait. The first Lula skill we think of is to use soft bait. This is one of the solutions. According to the fish situation and the environment of the fishing ground, choose the corresponding soft bait fishing group: Dezhou, lead head fishing group, inverted fishing, jigs, high gravity lead-free, etc., but we should pay attention to that we are in winter in Lua, so we should enlarge the weight of the bait, after all, we should cast far away and fish in deep water.

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