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Non Profits Website Development

Posted by ElevationWeb on May 7th, 2013

Non profit organisations are not established for profit motive. Their main source of funding is through donations and grants. In this regard, the internet provides them with a wonderful opportunity of reaching an audience that was previously unavailable to them. It allows the organisation to reach out to a larger number of people who are willing to provide funds to the organisation. However, people will only provide donations when they are impressed by the website. Thus, it is crucial for the organisation to make their webpage as attractive as possible.

How to make a website attractive?

There are several website developers and online organisations that are created specifically to help a Non Profit Organisation in setting up a website. Additionally, there are certain basic guidelines that can be followed by these website developers to make a webpage more attractive and impressive, thus prompting the reader, to donate to the cause of the organisation. Some of these steps are:

Up-to-date website- The first step in making a webpage attractive is to keep updating the content of the site. New information regarding the work and programs of the organisation must be put up on a regular and if possible then daily basis. To add an edge to the page, images and videos related to the work of the organisation can also be put up periodically. This will go a long way in building lifelong relationships between the organisation and its visitors, volunteers, donors and beneficiaries.

Intelligent fundraising- It is crucial for the organisation to adopt a strategy of intelligent fundraising for its activities and programs. A target must be set and a plan formulated. Further steps must then be taken to achieve this target. The organisation should come up with well planned and creative campaigns to incite the visitors of their webpage to make donations, as well.

CRM- It is advantageous for the website to implement efficient CRM software into their systems. CRM for non profits organisation will allow consolidating all their data in a centralised space which, in turn, will allow for better decision making by the organisation.

E-mails and Newsletters- A follow up of visitors and donors can be done by sending them personalised and well drafted e-mails. Newsletters can be used to keep the audience of the website updated about its activities.

You can find these exceptional companies online and check out their website to know how they can make a difference.

About Author:

Joe Bertolo is the Account Manager for Elevation based in Washington D.C. He has extensive experience with charity web design and nonprofit web design. He’s been sharing his expertise with Elevation for over three years, during which time he has provided high caliber web solutions for over a hundred non-profits organizations.

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