Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 58)

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

?You better believe it,? continued Matthias. ?Now we are permitted to dress whatever way we see fit ? mostly to fit the assignment. Once I got my wings caught in a clump of trees. You should have heard me swear. You think I can?t swear, huh? Well, I?ve been to all kinds of places and met all sorts of people. I?ve learned their languages well. You should hear me swear in Bantu. You?ve got to be good with languages, you know ? part of the requirement for getting into angel school.?

?Angel school?? I was surprised. ?I didn?t know you guys had to go to school.?

?Doesn?t everybody go to school? If you want to qualify for whatever you do, you?ve got to go into training or to some sort of apprentice program. Yep! Angel Academy. That?s where we all ?earn our wings,? ha! Ha! Ha! Couldn?t help that.?

?Hope you?re not auditioning for stand-up comedian while you?re here. Don?t give up your day job, ?Icountered.

Gideon noticed that I was beginning to wonder whether I should take Matthias seriously,so he said,?Matthias actually holds a very important position with in the hierarchy, John. He does have an outlandish sense of humor which, I imagine, even you wouldn?t appreciate, but there again, it?s kept him sane all these eons. He?s on a journey now to the Big City. Thought he?d drop by and see me. He?ll see Marla at Headquarters in the Big City. Remember G & M Enterprises? World Headquarters in the Big City??

?Certainly, I remember your Headquarters. So that?s where Marla is. Will you be staying in the City for a while, Matthias??

?No, not this time, John,? responded Matthias. ?Very sad case is taking me there. A little girl, Earth years ? approximately nine or so. Her dad died a few years ago and her mom is an alcoholic. Every few months the mother gets a new boyfriend. Although it wasn?t the most pleasant of environments,Christine, that?s the little girl?s name, has always been strong and courageous. But her mom married the latest boyfriend. Now he beats both mother and child and, on a number of occasions, has threatened to burn them alive in their own apartment. That?s the case I?m working on.? His voice trailed off as if he could feel the little girl?s pain.

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